Ayurveda Singapore tips for better work-life balance for Kapha dosha person

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As the saying goes, ‘Slow and steady wins the race’, people having excessive Kapha dosha in their bodies are the ones who are slow and steady. They have a slew of qualities such as compassion, heaviness, immobility, density, solidity, smoothness, moistness and coolness. When they have a balance of Kapha in their bodies, they possess humongous stamina, strength and endurance. Experts fromAyush Ayurveda Singapore say, “Rightly so, those with these qualities will use it to run their businesses smoothly.” On the other hand, if the nature of their work are sedentary, chances are high they might as well slip into a gamut of negative things including complacency, inertia, possessiveness and hoarding.

Ayush Ayurvedic Singapore experts opine that such people who despise change try to avoid it, even if that is beneficial to them. Physicians fromAyush Ayurveda Singapore say that such people with Kapha dominant minds are inspired by the need to create comfort and cohesion and security and stability.

Therefore, the recommendations by the experts ofAyush Ayurvedic Singapore for those who have more of Kapha are for them to bring innovation in their daily mundane rigmaroles to overcome their propensity to get stuck in a rut. Another recommendation byAyush Ayurveda Singapore is that these people need to create challenges. For instance, they can enrol for a class in pursuing a course of their choice. These folks also find a sense of satisfaction when they care for professions such as horticulture or medicine, where they engage in nourishing plants or embarking in manual labour jobs or where they get to create or manage structures or where there is a requirement for structure and repetition.

Strengths of Kapha Dosha

Physicians atAyush Ayurveda Singapore opine that those with Kapha dosha have earth and water elements and it gives them an incomparable amount of steadiness and mental endurance.Ayush Ayurvedic Singapore are not the ones who give up that easily! No wonder then, that makes them some of the most loyal employees a company would love to retain. Unlike those with Vata dosha, those with more Kapha dosha like to move slower at their own sweet pace. The less stimulating and more routine and mundane their workplace and schedule are, it is better for these folks.

Weaknesses of Kapha Dosha 

People with Kapha dosha are uneasy to face change. As moving on the career ladder is such an uncomfortable experience for these people, they prefer to stay put in a job that they don’t necessarily love and may even cling on to it. Though nothing is impossible for these people. Ayush Ayurvedic Singapore says that unlike others, it will take longer time for them to adapt to new policies or changes.

As these people are peace loving gentlemen, they despise conflicting situations. They would prefer to be support staff rather than be in charge and instruct others what to do.


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