Overcoming Calcium deficiency in theAyush Ayurvedic Singapore way

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With our hectic lifestyles, especially in the urban and semi-urban milieu, we tend to forget to supplement the deficiencies including calcium and Vitamin D, thanks to our reliance on quick bites, which the scientists have termed them as a ‘silent epidemic.’ A research undertaken in 2019 reveal that almost a whopping 70-90% of Indians are deficient in Vitamin D, and the COVID-19 pandemic related lockdown had forced people to stay indoors.Ayush Ayurveda Singapore physicians say that calcium plays a key role in a person’s health, as its impact will be more pronounced only during old age. So, maintaining adequate levels of calcium is important. Here are few tips offered by the experts fromAyush Ayurveda Singapore.

Importance of Calcium

AyushAyurvedic Singapore says that calcium is an important mineral for our robust health. Our teeth and bone have 99% of calcium, and the remaining one percent is found in blood, muscles and tissues. Therefore, it is quintessential for us to strengthen our bones and other key functions in our system such as hormone secretion and muscular function.

Experts of Ayush Ayurvedic Singapore advice that the daily calcium intake for an adult is 100 milligrams, for infants under one year, it is 250-300 mg, for children less than 10 years of age is 700-1000 mg and for adolescents, it is 1300 mg.If a person has optimal calcium levels, it can help reduce blood pressure and improve the cholesterol level. Those with calcium deficiency may face health issues such as low level of calcium leading to hypocalcaemia, weak bones, osteoporosis, kidney ailments, and loss of parathyroid gland, high levels of magnesium and more.


Physicians atAyush Ayurveda Singapore say that there are many indicators to understand that a person is suffering from calcium deficiency. Muscle cramps, spasms and aches, numbness or tingling sensation in arms, hands and legs, and pain in arms and thighs while walking are some of the symptoms. Fatigue, exhaustion and a sense of sluggishness are indications of calcium deficiency.Ayush Ayurvedic Singapore says other key symptoms include coarse hair, dry skin, dry, brittle and broken nails, psoriasis, and teeth issues. The body starts drawing calcium from teeth when the mineral is deficient. Physicians atAyush Ayurveda Singapore say that it will eventually lead to a host of teeth related issues including tooth decay, weak teeth roots, brittle teeth and irritation in the gums. Besides,doctors of Ayush Ayurvedic Singapore assert that those with low calcium levels tend to be depressive and display mood swings

Overcoming Calcium Deficiency

AyushAyurveda Singapore suggests a few steps to lessen calcium deficiency in your body. The experts fromAyush Ayurvedic Singapore say that Ayurveda helps increase the calcium levels from our own body rather than advising to go for artificial supplements, which would increase the calcium serum levels, which may pose a threat of calcification in arteries and tissues. Similarly, there are quite a few Ayurvedic herbs that would help improve the calcium levels, say the experts fromAyush Ayurveda Singapore. They include moringa, amalki, sesame seeds, arjuna or terminalia arjuna, and guggul. Talk to our sepcialists at AyushAyurveda Singapore before putting yourself on a calcium-rich diet/supplement.


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