Joint Pain Reduction in the Ayurvedic Singapore Way

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Knee and other joint pains are common these days and are not sparing even the young. With sedate lifestyles and frequent lockdowns due to the pandemic of COVID-19, setting out for a walk has become a cumbersome affair. Let’s identify the cause of these joint pains and the treatment methodologies offered by Ayurveda Singapore.

There might be umpteen reasons, including heredity, that are said to be the onset of the knee and joint pain, but the common and pragmatic wisdom is the fact that excessive secretion of uric acid is the culprit. There are other treatment methodologies to control uric acid and pain reduction, but they are not free from side effects. Seeking Ayurvedic consultation is considered the best bet, and with Ayurveda Singapore, you can’t ask for more.

Several ayurvedic herbs are clinically proven to reduce knee and joint pains. Ayurvedic Singapore offers such herbal management for acute knee and joint pain patients. With Ayurveda Singapore’s solution, you can forget about expensive surgical procedures.

As mentioned above, high uric acid impacts the health of one’s joints. Conditions such as gout are the leading cause of the deposit of uric acid crystals in joints. Therefore, it is paramount to control uric acid levels in the body, thus preventing inflammation and pain in the joints. Uric acid is a natural waste product produced in the body while digesting food with purines, including fish, seafood, alcohol, and more. Even though there is a natural mechanism in our body to filter out uric acid, excess production of the latter can wreak havoc on the body. Hence, it would help if you tried out Ayurveda Singapore’s consultation. Though lifestyle changes such as exercise and consumption of healthy food are advisable, you need to seek the help of an ayurvedic medical expert to take remedial measures if you are already affected by the excess deposit of uric acid in the joints. Here’s where Ayurvedic Singapore can be of immense help.

According to an expert from Ayurveda Singapore, drinking plenty of water hydrates the body and helps keep uric acid in check. Punarnava Kadha promoted by Ayurvedic Singapore, not only decreases inflammation in joints as per the medicinal properties but also removes toxins through urine. When uric acid is on the rise, there will be inflammation in your joints, which is a fair indication of the accumulation of fluids and toxins in your joints. Punarnava is considered to remove fluid, and the regular intake of this herb under medical supervision is likely to reduce the overall inflammation in the joints.

Next, Ayurveda Singapore offers Gugul herbal treatment. There are many varieties of Gugul available combined to produce herbal medications. In Ayurvedic Singapore’s parlance, Gugul is considered a painkiller as it not only reduces joint pain but also works on controlling uric acid deposits on your joints, thus reducing inflammation.

According to Ayurvedic Singapore Guduchi, another herb is the critical ingredient for excessive uric acid production in your joints. Guduchi helps reduce the level of pitta in your body. Besides balancing pitta and Vata dosha and reducing the uric acid quantity in your blood, Guduchi also reduces pain and inflammation of your joints.



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