Ayurveda Singapore offers tips for better work-life balance for a Vata dosha person

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With the advent of advancing technology, today we live in a fast-paced world. Right from leaving home, driving to the office, and the daily grinds and the challenge of returning home in chock-a-block traffic all trigger greater stress for sure. Depending on your body type, you need to figure out remedial measures to make sure that you maintain a perfect work-life balance. Experts fromAyush Ayurveda Singapore offer a slew of tips for those with Vata body type on coping with such pressures and maintaining work-life balance.

Stress Management

Effective stress management is of paramount importance to help you maintain a work-life balance. For that to happen, you need to comprehend the importance of body type in the workplace, says an expert fromAyush Ayurvedic Singapore.

Experts atAyush Ayurveda Singapore say that your career and work are linked to who you are as per your body type. For instance, if you know your mind-body type, as per Ayurvedic parlance, known as doshas, consists of three types: Kapha, Pitta, and Vata. What is inimical of that mind-body type and how that connects to your environment gives you an insight into what type of work would suit you. Based on that, you can modify your current working atmosphere, which makes your work environment both enriching and satisfying. In this blog, let’s see how those with Vata dosha can maintain a perfect work-life balance, theAyush Ayurvedic Singapore way.

Vata Dosha

Those with dominant air elements, known as Vata dosha, get an energy boost with change as they love the newness of things. Creativity and Vata dosha go hand in hand. So, they are good at creating, dreaming, and imagining. Creative jobs will suit them most. Mobility and lightness, and rapid thinking are their strengths. These people feel comfortable in fast-paced environments. On the flip side, the light, mobile and airy qualities that support Vata’s strengths might cause struggle in their work. They may find difficulty meeting deadlines, often due to their forgetfulness and, at times, a lack of cohesive focus and interest. If they have too much work to handle, they get quickly overwhelmed, resulting in restlessness, scattered thoughts, and difficulty following through. Any monotonous job is a turn-off for a Vata person, and he/she would quickly get bored, thus losing interest in the job.

Making an effort to practice moderation at the workplace is a recommendation by the experts ofAyush Ayurveda Singapore for the Vata-dominant minds. Too many responsibilities or frequent interruptions and multi-tasking will feed their erratic and nervous nature. For, they need to pay close attention to their working environment. They need a whiff of fresh air and bright light for that to happen. Too much movement, dryness, and coldness or air-conditioning will aggravate Vata imbalance. Typically, those having Vata dominance are good at creative work. For instance, the fields of art, music and dance, design, and photography suit them well.



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