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Ayurveda, the age-old branch of science, offers ancient wisdom that has an array of tangible gains for the modern sportsperson. The perfect place to look for Ayurvedic advice of course is AyushAyurveda Singapore. AyushAyurvedic Singapore takes care of an athlete’s needs more realistically and holistically, working on the person from the inside out. In order to completely access the tangible benefits of Ayurveda, it is pertinent to comprehend the major connecting link between Ayurveda, athletics and what AyushAyurveda Singapore can offer.

Pitta, Kapha&Vata

From the perspective ofAyushAyurvedic Singapore, we will now look at the three doshas, such as Pitta, Kapha, and VataPitta is all about metabolism. What ultimately results in a leaner physique is through the digestion of food and burning of calories, and that is precisely what the Pitta or our metabolism does. Kapha helps build physique and allows the body to become strong. Both Pitta and Kapha help protect from possible injury. Vata purifies and promotes weight loss, thanks to its light quality. However, Vata can be a key causative factor of injury in the event of not managing it properly. As an athlete, excess Vata might pose some risk. Therefore, from an AyushAyurveda Singapore perspective, an athlete’s two key focus areas should be diet and lifestyle practices. If you, as an athlete, are aware of these two concepts and master them, you can achieve almost any goal for sure!

Ayurvedic Diet 

According to experts at AyushAyurvedic Singapore, diet is one of the key factors that influence the doshas. Care must be taken about the intake of spicy foods, which will trigger more Pitta. When the Pitta increases, it will increase the metabolism.

In AyushAyurveda Singapore’s parlance, Agni will promote weight loss. Also, heating food should be done in moderation, as excess heat will trigger inflammation in the body and may lead to hyperacidity in the stomach and rising anger or intensity in your mind. Spicy peppers, sour fruits, ginger, and yogurt, when heated, can increase Pitta. The nutrient-dense foods, too, will accelerate Kapha and tissue building. Suitable examples are meats, grains, oils, nuts/seeds, dairy products, and root vegetables. Light foods will boost Vata and promote weight loss. Raw foods and leafy greens are perfect examples of the same.

Metabolism and Digestion

Talking about metabolism (agni) and digestion, the experts atAyushAyurvedic Singapore opine that agni is the fire of our digestive system, which allows us to process and absorb food. Agni should also be regulated to keep up your overall health. Many present-day athletes adhere to stringent dietary protocols regarding their physical needs and targets. But if your body is not in a position to digest and absorb nutrients properly, it will not be of any use. Increasing agni will help to digest and absorb the nutrients from the food. This heightened intake leaves our body with increased energy and enhances the quality of an athlete’s life as well. By increasing the intake of dietary spices, you can increase agni. Dietary spices will act like wood pieces, and once ignited, it boosts the fire. Dietary spices also add to the taste of the food. Hence athletes should include the right quantum of spices in their food, opine physicians at AyushAyurveda Singapore.

As condiments such as cumin, coriander, and fennel are tridoshic, these items will not increase or deplete your doshas. Besides that, this will also make it safe to use liberally while cooking. You can add more spices to your diet, including black pepper, ginger, turmeric, cardamom, mustard seeds, cinnamon, clove, basil, cayenne, salt, oregano, rosemary, thyme, and more.


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