Learn To Control Excess Hunger, the Ayurveda Singapore Way

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Of late, we are more aware of the need for us to be maintaining health. Despite all our attempts to exercise and bring down that extra weight, insatiable appetite or gastronomic urge to overeat plays the spoilsport. However, the good news is that there is a solution to overcoming the urge to eat more in Ayurveda! Learn to control excess hunger, the Ayurveda Singapore way!

A proper diet, followed by regular exercise, is the main takeaway to shed the extra pounds from your body and lead a disease-free life. Here are a few pieces of advice from Ayurvedic Singapore that can help you successfully address the excess hunger issue.

The moment you think of a yummy food item, your insatiable appetite triggers, thus, prompting you to lose control of your food intake. After all, the mind is the culprit. The expert from Ayurveda Singapore says that the primary step is not to ‘think’ about food at all, which is easier said than done. As the saying goes that Rome was not built in a day, this habit, too, you have to teach over some time. Even if you feel hungry after a healthy breakfast, instead of thinking overtly about the pangs of hunger, you can replace that with the intake of a glass of water. The expert from Ayurveda Singapore says proper water intake is a must for staying hydrated. If you consider consuming water at regular intervals and not think of either hunger or food, that will be the best bet to beat that thought and reduce the weight.

Availaibility of Food

Keeping snacks at the work table and munching while working or watching television can add to the weight gain. If food is readily kept within your reach, the temptation to eat will be more, says the expert from Ayurveda Singapore. The expert from Ayurvedic Singapore advises not to keep food at easily accessible spots at your home. If you keep the food in a difficult place for you to reach out, the complacency factor will again help you walk all the way to the kitchen and lunge for the food, which is kept on the top deck of the cabinet. Also, you can keep the refrigerator locked and the key at a spot where it will be strenuous for you to reach out. Also, you can shed the habit of preparing food and dumping it inside the refrigerator. Instead, you can consider cooking whenever you need to eat. That way, food availability is curtailed. The expert from Ayurveda Singapore, quoting Acharya Sushruta, says that as per Ayurveda, food should always be prepared fresh and served hot! Stick to that principle.

Sound Sleep

The expert from Ayurvedic Singapore further says that Kapha Dosha has the onus for satiation and keeps hunger under control. When you get sound sleep, your mind will naturally be calm and further nourish the Kapha Dosha. What happens when you sleep late at night or are deprived of sleep? There is an unnecessary burning of calories, thus triggering your hunger at odd hours. Ultimately, it not only confuses your digestive system but also starts producing gastric juices at undesired times.


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