Ayurvedic Singapore Offers Recommendations to Manage Autoimmune Disorders

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Following a healthy diet and maintaining a robust lifestyle is inevitable for healthy and disease-free living. Immunity is the key. As per the expert from Ayurveda Singapore, autoimmune responses are a challenge to deal with for leading a healthy life. And autoimmune diseases require urgent medical attention. If not treated in time, it can trigger inflammations and many other diseases. Autoimmune diseases destruct the healthy body tissues and trigger abnormal growth of the organs. For instance, some common autoimmune diseases include Type 1 diabetes, celiac disease, psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Finding the root cause

According to an expert from Ayurvedic Singapore, the symptoms of autoimmune diseases are non-specific, especially at the onset of the disease. Therefore, timely intervention, diagnosis, and treatment are vital. Allopathic medications are given based on symptoms and merely suppress the disease’s causes. In Ayurveda, treatment is given only after the initial diagnosis of the root cause of autoimmune disease. Later, they follow it by management. Through Ayurveda, we can not only reverse autoimmune disease symptoms naturally but also restore the balanced immune system. Here are a few tips for getting the best and most effective results.

Say No to Fermented Food

According to an expert from Ayurveda Singapore, the science of Ayurveda believes that by restricting fermented food in your regular diet, you can avoid the production and accumulation of toxins in your body and eventually minimize the chances of depletion of health. Fermented food blocks various channels of your body and restricts the performance of your body organs. Therefore, avoid food items such as bread, yeast, and yogurt (curd).

Increase Your Metabolism

The expert from Ayurveda Singapore says that detoxifying your body is essential to keep up the metabolism, which gets impacted if you are suffering from an autoimmune disorder. The Ayurveda Singapore expert further says that some of the best Ayurvedic herbs used in the management of autoimmune disorders include brahmi, neem, giloy, and guggulu.

Rasayana Treatment

As per Ayurvedic Singapore expert Rasayana, part of Panchakarma Therapy will help nourish your body’s tissues to work optimally and effectively. Rightly so, Rasayana therapy has a cohesive focus on purifying your body, and in addition, it also provides a sort of shield against the relapse of autoimmune diseases.

Lifestyle Changes

The Ayurvedic Singapore expert says that one needs to come out of the sedentary lifestyle as lack of physical activities impact the immune system and reduce its ability to fight against foreign antigens. What’s more, it affects both metabolisms and the digestive system. As per the expert from Ayurvedic Singapore, some of the best exercises to improve your digestive system include deep breathing, pelvic floor exercise, and sit-ups.


Before signing off, the expert at Ayurveda Singapore says that practicing daily meditation helps you recover from neurological conditions like anxiety, stress, and depression, which are typical for mainly causing autoimmune diseases.


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