How to prevent hair-fall with Ayurveda?

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It is not always easy to maintain every feature we own, especially when it comes to natural and beautiful hair. Much like our body, our hair is also prone to various factors that result in significant hair loss, breakage and so on. Erratic lifestyle habits, poor nutrition, hormonal imbalances, harsh weather, and extreme pollution clogging hair roots… all of these tend to reduce growth and increase damage in hair and scalp. As a result, hair becomes brittle and frizzy contributing to excess hair-fall. According to Ayurvedic doctors, hair fall is a direct by-product of the quality of the bone tissue. If there is a weakness in the bone tissue, hair loss is a natural result. Ayurvedic doctors also hold that the texture of hair will depend on the dosha imbalance in one’s constitution. Hence, it’s important to understand the Prakriti of oneself in order to come up with an ayurvedic remedy the body will respond to. 

According to the 5000-year-old system of medicine that Ayurveda is, there are three main reasons for hair loss,

  • For example, Vata dosha leads to dehydrated and dry scalp resulting in thinning of hair. 
  • People who have pitta dosha will have greasiness, dandruff, and scalp inflammation. 
  • For those having excess Kapha dosha, will have oily, itchy, and greasy scalp. 

Hair loss is known as Kalitya in Ayurveda. However, Ayurveda considers excess of pitta dosha as the accurate cause of hair loss. The first step towards starting any ayurvedic therapy is a change in lifestyle and dietary habits to balance the pitta dosha. According to ayurvedic physicians, ayurvedic therapy is prescribed based on one’s ailments, suiting his/her individual needs. Undergoing an ayurvedic therapy helps reduce stress and depression, which is considered as a significant contributing factor for hair loss. As an ayurvedic therapy, Abhyangam, Nasyam, Thala Pothichil, and Shirodhara are some of the excellent massage therapies that can resolve the doshas causing hair-fall. 

Apart from ayurvedic therapies, everyday tips one can follow are,ayurvedic-therapies-min

  • Using oils like Brahmi oil, Bringharaj oil, and Neem oil for massaging the scalp from root to tip aids hair growth.
  • Drinking amla juice or using it as a hair pack is great for controlling hair fall. 
  • Ayurveda suggests using fenugreek seeds as a hair pack that can be soaked overnight and made into a paste. 
  • Drinking aloe vera juice helps cure hair thinning. One can also massage it on the scalp as a gel and leave overnight for dense hair growth.
  • Even applying neem oil on the scalp can have immediate results. You can also boil neem leaves, strain the juice, and apply on the scalp overnight to witness healthy hair.

Every ayurvedic therapy aims to provide comprehensive care for maintaining external beauty as well as the seamless internal functionality of the various body organs. The most significant advantage of Ayurveda lies in its ability to offer natural treatments without any side effects. For precise ayurvedic home remedies and methods that can cure hair fall and other ailments, you can always call Ayush to fix an appointment or walk-in to the clinic in Singapore to witness life-changing results through ayurvedic therapies and treatments.


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