Ayurvedic therapy according to doshas

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Good physical health and mental well-being are the basic elements the human body needs. These have to be treated with utmost priority. When an ailment conquers the body or mind, the diagnostic process should be meticulous deep-diving into the root cause and providing cures which should forever enhance the quality of life of the receiver. The one system of medicine we have known to do this comes from over 5000+ years ago. We know it as Ayurveda.

Ayurveda as a complete mechanism of natural healing cures the human body by eliminating the root cause of the ailment. More than a mere system of treating illness, Ayurveda is a science of healing that offers an entire body of wisdom to help people enhance their vitality, and realize their full human potential. Even though Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old system of medicine and nutrition, its recommended treatments, therapies, lifestyle and dietary habits are a way of life that was developed to be both futuristic and preventive. Have you ever googled ‘Ayurvedic doctor near me’ and scoured through the various search results? If you did, you would have found Ayush Ayurveda at the top of your search result. When you find us through your online search using words such as ‘Ayurvedic doctor near me’, check into our website and find your way into Singapore’s No.1 Ayurveda clinic and a powerful way to live healthy.

Walk in to Ayush and experience for yourself how our highly qualified Ayurvedic doctors offer consultations, recommend customized therapies and remedies according to the patient’s individualistic needs and the ailment and, help resolve the imbalanced doshas. Discuss your concerns with your doctor at Ayush and receive through an elaborate session, a better understanding of your body and what you can do personally for your well-being in addition to the therapies and medications that your doctor will prescribe to help you heal not just for the present but for the long future ahead for you.

In order to undertake any ayurvedic therapy, all you need to do is simply type ‘Ayurvedic therapy near me’, into your search engine and find Ayush Ayurveda from among the search results. You may also read up about how an ayurvedic therapy is recommended based on the imbalanced doshas in your body that cause a particular ailment in the body. Why read up about Ayurveda? Ayurveda believes that an enlightened individual can take better care of his/her body. So between the time you have searched for ‘Ayurvedic therapy near me’ and taken an appointment with a doctor at Ayush Ayurveda, spend some time understanding the central concept of Ayurvedic medicine.

Understand that Ayurveda considers overall health and well-being to exist only when there is a balance between the three fundamental bodily elements or doshas called Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Hence, according to the Ayurvedic system of healing, our body might be prone to any of the three doshas.

Some treatments according to specific doshas are,

  • Shirodhara – People having an excess of Pitta dosha suffer from stress and anxiety. For curing stress and anxiety, Shirodhara is one of the recommended treatments which is a process of gentle pouring of warm herbal-infused oils over the forehead, allowing it to trickle through your entire scalp.
  • Netra Tharpanam – Netra Tharpanam is a rejuvenating ayurvedic treatment where pure and medicated ghee is applied to the eyes. For strengthening the optical nerves, preventing cataracts, curing watery eyes, and providing a cooling effect to the eyes, this therapy is used to treat the Kapha dosha which is mainly responsible for causing such eye issues.
  • Nasyam – Nasyam or Nasya treatment is an ayurvedic treatment where medicated oil is administered into the nostrils to treat congestion and sinusitis. Congestion is mainly because of the excess accumulation of Kapha dosha in the body.
  • Kativasti – In this treatment, vasti or a ring made of dough is placed on the affected area and warm medicated oil is poured and contained within the ring. Slowly the skin absorbs the oil and after 30 to 40 minutes, the ring is removed and the remaining oil is massaged over the affected area. Since backaches are due to Vata disorder, Kativasti is extremely beneficial in curing it.
  • Podikizhi – Arthritis occurs due to Vata-Kapha imbalance. Podikizhi is a recommended treatment to cure joint pain where cotton poultices filled with herbal powders dipped in warm medicated oil are squeezed onto the patient’s body.
  • Takradhara – Skin problems occur due to Pitta imbalance in the body. This therapy is similar to Shirodhara but instead of medicated oil, milk or medicated buttermilk processed with herbs is used to treat and balance the Pitta dosha.

Apart from these treatments, Ayush offers various other well-customized and efficacious treatments according to the specific dosha causing an imbalance in the body to cure your ailment and provide well-being. Follow your web search results for ‘Ayurvedic therapy near me’, and be led to our established, authentic and well-sanitized Ayurveda clinic, Ayush Ayurveda Singapore where you can experience enriching and curative treatments that will help you heal mind, body and soul.


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