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As we all know, the medical term for Pink eye is Conjunctivitis. Simply put, Conjunctivitis is the swelling of the thin transparent membrane covering the front of the eye, otherwise known in medical terminology as conjunctiva.

Persons affected with Pink eye have redness pervading all around the eyes. The patients affected with Conjunctivitis will have an itching sensation in their eyes, along with pain. However, the worst irritation would be the sticky fluid emanating from the eyes. This fluid discharge will seal your eyes, especially after the overnight sleep, and it will be a tad bit difficult to remove those fluids to open your eyes. 

Though not a severe ailment, Conjunctivitis can hamper your day-to-day activities to a major extent. If you can use some of the below home remedies effectively, you may be able to overcome the disease within a few days. Let’s now see how these home remedies can give you not only relief from the agony of Conjunctivitis but also reduce and heal the infection within a short time.

Here are some simple home remedies:

1. The least you could do is avoid direct contact with the sun. If you are infected with Conjunctivitis, it is prudent not to travel. Also, ensure you are not exposing your eyes directly to the sunlight. Drink plenty of water, tender coconut juice, or other fruit juice to keep your body hydrated. It is better to avoid aerated drinks. 

2. To get relief from pain and other irritation, take two cups of lukewarm water, add three tablespoons of honey, and stir it well. After allowing it to cool for some time, wash your eyes with this mixture, both in the morning and before sleep. Honey has the medicinal property to soothe your eyes and helps to heal the infection quickly. 

3.Another remedy is to take 250 ml of water and boil it along with coriander leaves. After straining the water and letting it cool for a while, you can wash your infected eyes with the same. Again, coriander has a medicinal property that gives immense relief from the irritation caused due to the infection.

4. Make a cup of Indian gooseberry juice, add two teaspoons of honey and take it internally twice a day. This, too, will improve your immunity to a great extent, thus helping the body fight against Conjunctivitis effectively.

5. Take a raw potato, slice it and keep it on your eyes. This you can repeat many times during the day. This eventually helps to reduce inflammation and also lessens the pain induced by the infection.

6. Tulsi is a medicinal herb that effectively fights against a host of infections. In this case, too, you can soak 5-10 leaves in lukewarm water and wash your eyes at regular intervals. This will help your eyes to reduce pain and soothe your eyes. This will also help to reduce the swelling of your eyes.

Dietary regimen

When afflicted with Conjunctivitis, you need to adjust your diet regimen to help your eyes heal faster. Avoid foods that are hot, oily, spicy, and hard to digest, as they add more swelling and exacerbate the condition. Also, try to avoid sour items. At the same time, you have to supplement your diet with more fresh fruits, greens, and leafy vegetables, and these would help the body cool down, giving a lot of relief to your affected eyes. While all these home remedies are meant to mitigate the patient’s suffering, these dietary regimens will also help to hasten the healing process. It is advisable to consult an Ayurveda physician and take advice if the symptoms persist even after 24 hours of trying home remedies for further guidance and treatment.


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