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Jaljeera is a drink popular in India which has numerous health benefits. Overheating of the body can lead to many disorders, and according to Ayurveda, Jaljeera has been found to help soothe and calm the body. It is a simple drink and can be made at home easily with the core ingredients as given below. 


Lemon has sour, bitter and astringent tastes. It has a cooling effect on the body and helps reduce all 3 doshas. Lemon also has decongestant, antiseptic, laxative and anti-inflammatory properties. It aids with digestion and can help relieve constipation. Due to its antibacterial properties, it helps prevent any diseases. Lemon is also rich in Vitamin C which makes it useful in fighting infections and raising our immunity.


Cumin is a seed with a mildly pungent and bitter taste. It has an extreme cooling effect on the body and again helps reduce all three doshas. It has medicinal properties and is a powerful diuretic, digestive, carminative and antispasmodic. The word cumin is derived from the Sanskrit word which means “promoting digestion”. True to its name, cumin, commonly known as Jeera, has excellent healing benefits for the digestive system and helps in smooth functioning. Cumin also helps alleviate any congestion in the body, and promotes mental clarity. black salt


Authentic Jaljeera is made with black salt. This salt has a pungent taste due to the presence of sodium sulfide in addition to sodium chloride. It helps retain water in the body, keeping it hydrated. It also has lubricating properties which allows for natural processes to occur without any accumulation of toxins or ama. Black salt stimulates the appetite and acts as a purgative, removing all obstacles in the digestive system. If black salt is unavailable, it can be replaced with Himalayan pink salt. 


Though sugar is also commonly used, this drink can be given a further health boost by using alternatives to sugar according to dosha type. 

For Vata dosha – Jaggery or Honey 

For Pitta dosha – Maple Syrup 

For Kapha dosha – Honey


  • Take a cup of cumin and wrap it in a cheesecloth.  
  • Steep this in water and allow it to boil vigorously. 
  • Remove the cumin water from the heat and allow the mixture to percolate for 30-40 minutes. 
  • Squeeze lemons and dissolve the juice in water to make lemonade.
  • Mix the cooled cumin water with the lemonade. 
  • Add as much sweetener of your choice to taste. 
  • Add a dash of black or pink salt and serve. 

Drink Jaljeera daily to experience the ayurvedic benefits of the same. This is the perfect healthy alternative to store bought cold drinks and provides great refreshment while also being healthy. Consult with an ayurvedic doctor on other ways to incorporate cumin into your diet to experience the benefits of an ayurvedic lifestyle.


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