Ayurvedic Treatment For Shoulder

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Pain is an inevitable part of everyone’s life. Some days it’s a piercing pain and on other days, a little more subtle. But most of the times, these pains subside with time. However, life can become seemingly hard if pain persists. One such case of pain is a bad shoulder.

Pain in shoulder can be caused by immobility of the shoulder due to injury, surgery, illness or by overuse injuries. It begins with the inflammation of soft tissues that causes pain and worsens with time. The good thing is that there is Ayurvedic treatment for shoulder related troubles, and with the proper treatment you can rid yourself of these troubles.

Pain and stiffness with gradual limitation in motion also worsens with time. The pain is usually worse at night and could even wake up a person from sleep. It becomes worse when trying to lie on one side of the affected arm.

Ayurveda offers natural remedies to unlock the frozen shoulder and soothe the pain. Ayurvedic Treatment for Shoulder hence focusses to eliminate accumulated toxins that are the prime cause of pain. Elakizhi is a massage therapy recommended for shoulder pain in which various herbs and medicated powders are infused with medicated oil. This form of therapy incorporates gentle massaging techniques through which toxins present in the body are flushed out and damaged nerves and tissues receive rejuvenation, reducing/removing pain and immobility in shoulder areas and other body parts.  

Both sedentary lifestyle and doing excessive exercise can bring upon shoulder pain. Exposure to cold or wandering in the rain can also lead to pain in shoulder and should be avoided. Seek Ayurvedic Treatment for Shoulder to get both cure and relief that is nature based, safe, relaxing and highly effective.


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