Ayurvedic Treatment for Cervical Pain

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Modern lifestyles have seen an increase in lifestyle-related diseases. Society has largely moved away from manual work and spends their days tied to a desk and hunched over a phone or computer. Our skeletal system was not designed for such unnatural positions held over a long duration of time. This results in degenerative diseases affecting people of all ages.

There is specific Ayurvedic Treatment For Cervical Pain. According to Ayurveda, cervical pain is a Vata problem. It is caused by a Vata aggravating diet and lifestyle. This process uses herbal formulations to calm the Vata Dosha.

We spend much of our time hunched over keyboards or peering at our devices. Even our leisure activities are enjoyed on our devices. The body also tends to react to these unnatural neck positions by growing bone spurs. Our body is not designed for a sedentary life bent over static objects. The spine and muscles are particularly vulnerable to bad posture and habits. Sometimes the body tries to compensate for weakness by trying to strengthen the spine with bone growth. This causes the formation of bone spurs that cause pain. Sitting in the same position for hours all day can also cause the tendons in the neck to stiffen. Smoking aggravates the symptoms of cervical spondylosis.

Cervical spondylosis in Ayurveda is caused by a Vata Dosha aggravation. This is caused by poor habits and a Vata aggravating food. The treatment for this issue focuses on calming the Vata Dosha.

Ayurvedic anti-inflammatories and analgesics help to relieve the pain caused in the joints. Gentle stretches and adding to a more active lifestyle help to strengthen the muscles and the bones in the body. Ayurvedic Treatment For Cervical Pain involves medication to nourish the bones and the cervical discs. Ayurveda has a number of high efficacy treatments and massages to treat cervical pain. The treatment is provided only after a thorough investigation of the patient and his/her body type.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Cervical Pain also includes eating a balanced and nutritious diet and using specific herbs and spices as home remedies to control cervical spondylitis. Always consult a certified Ayurvedic practitioner before taking any medication. Avoid carrying heavy-weights that put pressure on our head and shoulder region.


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