Ayurvedic Treatment for Back Pain

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Back pain is not a disease in itself. It’s a symptom which arises from incorrect use of the body or, from an underlying disease. At some point of time in everyone’s life; we apply irregular pressure to some parts of the spine that results in acute disorders, radiating pain, tingling sensation, numbness and finally disability. In Ayurvedic Treatment For Back Pain, the treatment aims to balance the three doshas.

According to Ayurvedic medicine, certain unconscious habits make you more susceptible to pain because they aggravate Vata. Ayurveda explains the problem which is a result owing to the weakness of bones and muscles.

The diagnosis of back pain involves a review of the history of the illness and underlying medical conditions as well as a physical examination. Ayurvedic health science enables the patient to heal in a most natural way. A disciplined lifestyle, regular and proper dietary habits, awareness on the correct posture can prevent future back problems. The first step in the treatment of back pain is for the patient to learn to relax the mind and focus on the specific areas of back pain.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Back Pain offers a very tangible alternative in almost all cases. Toning and demulcent herbs are also prescribed to nourish the nervous system and alleviate imbalanced body energies. Heavy meals must be avoided as they take a long time to digest and such foods exert undue pressure on the lower back region.

The next thing to work on when wanting to relieve back pain is improving your posture. Ayurvedic massage can help the individual who is suffering from back pain tremendously in this regard. There are also many Ayurvedic herbal remedies which are effective for relieving back pain. Treatments such as Podikizhi reduces many types of joint and muscular pain.

Mainstream medical practice basically applies bone reduction, immobilization and physiotherapy in fracture management. In present era, Ayurveda also follows the same; in addition, external and internal application of various herbal medications improves outcome of healing.


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