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Ayurveda provides numerous solutions to maintain and retain strong, healthy muscles. This includes healthy practices, proper diet and an active lifestyle. Ayurveda provides remedies which provide long-lasting muscle strength. Below are a few of the ways to help maintain strong and fit muscles.

  • Ashwagandha has been shown to improve muscle mass and reduce fat. It also improves muscle activity. Since ashwagandha also provides a boost in testosterone levels in the body, it improves muscular strength as well. Take about 600 mg a day for best benefits.
  • Consume a teaspoon of shatavari boiled in hot water every day. This improves efficiency of muscles and improves performance as well. Endurance is boosted and fatigue is tackled more easily by muscles. This is because shatavari helps the body make use of stored fatty cells much easier.
  • Gokhru is another ayurvedic herb which provides great improvement to muscle health. It reduces the possibility of muscle fatigue and also improves performance. The anti-inflammatory nature ensures muscles stay strong and healthy. The strain on muscles is also reduced with regular consumption. Take about 200 gms twice a day.
  • Amla is a great herbal remedy and a part of numerous important ayurvedic medications. It helps keep muscle hypersensitivity at bay, thereby boosting muscle potential. This enables those who take Amla to be able to perform longer and harder workouts without tiring. Intense activity can be managed by regular consumption of Amla.
  • Tight muscles are another obstacle to strength. This can be reduced by regular oil massage. This can be done using warm, medicated oils including cloves and cinnamon to release stress and relax the muscles. Turmeric can also be consumed to reduce muscle soreness and tightness.

Try these methods to improve strength and muscle potential. Always consult an ayurvedic doctor for the best solutions for your body dosha type.


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