Ayurvedic Singapore talks about the management of hemorrhoids

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Piles or Hemorrhoids is a painful condition. Experts at Ayurveda Singapore term piles as swollen veins found in and around anus and rectum, affecting a patient internally and externally. 

Elaborating on the symptoms of piles, the expert at Ayurveda Singapore says that though there are many symptoms, the main symptoms include painful or itchy swelling in the form of a lump near the anus, along with painful bowel movements. In some cases, there will be bleeding from the anus during or after bowel movements are also seen. Other symptoms are irritation or pain or both around the anus and leakage of stool.

When people see these symptoms, most people first rush to the nearest chemist’s outlet and rely on over-the-counter drugs to get immediate relief from pain. But severe hemorrhoids will require intense and elaborate treatment, says the expert at Ayurveda Singapore. Ayurveda offers effective treatment without any side effects, says the expert at Ayurveda Singapore.

Identifying the Dosha

In the Ayurvedic school of thought, the dominant dosha in a patient’s body determines the type of piles or hemorrhoids they might be afflicted with. Shedding light on the same, the Ayurvedic Singapore expert says that those with pitta body tend to experience inflamed, bleeding piles that are soft and red. The expert says that fever, diarrhea, and intense thirst are other symptoms. According to the expert at Ayurveda Singapore, those with Vata dosha might also experience intense pain, constipation, and dark hemorrhoids with a rough, hard texture. Those with Kapha may have poor digestion, while their hemorrhoids would be slippery, light or white, soft and large.


Ayurveda Singaporeexpert says their approach towards piles or hemorrhoids is more holistic. The expert says that patients experiencing piles or hemorrhoids who want to try out Ayurveda treatment should be prepared to accept herbal remedies and lifestyle changes. After determining your dosha, Ayurvedic practitioners will suggest the treatment.

Ayurveda Singaporeexpert says that in Ayurveda, the herbal application or kshara is good for piles or hemorrhoids. Kshara is nothing but a caustic alkaline paste made of a herbal blend that has a cauterizing action, says the expert at Ayurveda Singapore. Using a slit proctoscope, kshara is applied to hemorrhoid.

Home Remedies

The expert at Ayurveda Singapore suggests a few home remedies for piles or hemorrhoids. A warm bath with Epsom salt, cold compresses, witch hazel, aloe vera gel, moistened wipes, wearing loose cotton clothing, tea tree oil, and coconut oil are the few options you have for getting relief from piles or hemorrhoids. You should consult an Ayurvedic expert in your region to identify the kind of dosha you have and decide on the treatment per the advice.

Using natural ingredients prescribed by Ayurveda Singapore can reduce rectal bleeding, inflammation, and swelling. Ayurvedic management of piles can relieve pain and itching and improve easy bowel emptying. 


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