Ayurvedic Singapore on low blood pressure and its management

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As the saying goes, ‘Time and age will never wait for anyone,’ the least we are expected to do is to maintain robust health. An expert from Ayurvedic Singaporesays that amongst age-related ailments, low blood pressure is something that needs vital attention. Fortunately, we have Ayurvedic remedies for low blood pressure, adds the expert from Ayurvedic Singapore.

Elaborating on the causes that trigger low blood pressure and the symptoms thereof, the expert at Ayurvedic Singapore says low blood pressure or hypotension, if untreated, might as well turn out to be fatal. There are many symptoms to look out for in low blood pressure, and the common ones are blurred vision, dizziness, fatigue, fainting, and trouble concentrating. According to an expert from Ayurvedic Singapore, one should not delay seeking medical help if one experiences the above symptoms. Low blood pressure is often associated with old age, too. Those suffering from low blood pressure should increase their fluid intake, consume a proper diet, periodically check for blood pressure, and rule out the presence of thyroid issues, according to an expert from Ayurveda Singapore.

Ayurvedic Management

Ayurveda suggests a few treatments to maintain the balance of blood pressure, says the expert at Ayurveda Singapore. Tulsi leaves, raisin, buttermilk, amla or gooseberry juice, carrot, cinnamon, almonds, pomegranate juice, licorice roots, caffeine…the list is endless. Throwing more light on these commonly available items, the expert at Ayurvedic Singapore says that just as the tulsi leaves or basil leaves are enriched with potassium, magnesium and vitamin-c have proven efficacy in maintaining blood pressure. What’s more, as the antioxidant eugenol is found in abundance, eating an average of five to six leaves of tulsi daily is tangibly beneficial in terms of controlling your blood pressure.

Stating that raisin is one of the most effective dry fruits that helps to manage low blood pressure, the Ayurvedic Singapore expert adds how to consume it. Take 50 grams of raisins and leave it in a glass of water overnight. The following day, drink the water and chew the raisins. 

Also, consider consuming a glass of buttermilk daily by adding a pinch of roasted cinnamon, salt, and asafoetida. You can witness the blood pressure stabilizing in a matter of days, says the expert at Ayurveda Singapore. Amla or gooseberry, commonly available in your neighborhood, is a natural wonder in stabilizing your blood pressure. You can take amla juice by adding water and honey daily.

As the cinnamon powder is available in the market, you can buy them and store it in a cool place. Take the requisite cinnamon powder, mix it in a big glass of lukewarm water, and add a little jaggery. If you consume it in both morning and evening for a few days, there will be a marked improvement in stabilizing your low blood pressure, says the expert at Ayurvedic Singapore. While taking pomegranate juice, you must take it regularly for at least three months to boost your low pressure to near normal. You can make pomegranate juice, add a pinch of salt, and drink at least once a day to get the desired result, says the expert at Ayurvedic Singapore



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