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Sunburn is a common affliction which affects most individuals during the summer months. The detrimental effects of this are more so when you forget to put on sunscreen 20 minutes before you step outside, or forget to reapply every couple of hours. There are numerous sunscreens in the market, and even some ayurvedic ways to make your own sunscreen which is less harmful to the skin and body. While choosing an OTC sunscreen, always opt for a mineral one as this acts as a physical barrier and does not seep harmful chemicals into your skin. Also try to carry an umbrella and cap to further protect your skin. Sometimes despite due care, it is possible to develop sunburn. This is particularly common in lighter skin tones and more visible, though it is fairly prevalent in all skin tones. Below are a few ayurvedic home remedies to help soothe and heal sunburns.


Ghee or clarified butter is a great way to heal sunburns in a natural and effective way. Taken orally, it helps cool the skin and body and promotes faster healing. It can also be applied topically on the affected area to soothe the sunburns and also helps the skin heal rapidly.


Virgin coconut oil is made from pure coconut milk. This is of great help when applied over skin which has been sunburned. The reason for this is that coconut oil allows the skin to regain its natural colour and texture while also helping soothe the skin. It can be massaged into the sunburn for deep healing and rejuvenation. During the summer, the pitta tends to increase which dehydrates the skin and leaves it patchy and dry. This too can be treated by applying coconut oil which heals the patchy dryness and imparts a glow and shine to the skin.


A paste made of crushed rose petals and milk is an excellent ayurvedic remedy for treating sunburns. Milk helps calm the inflamed skin and the rose petals have curative properties which hastens healing. Plain milk also helps with sunburns.


Cucumber is full of water, which is a perfect source of healing for dry, scaly and chapped sunburned skin. Slice open a cucumber and rub it directly over the affected area for almost immediate relief. The cucumber can also be juiced and the juice can be applied topically at regular intervals.


Aloe vera is another great ayurvedic remedy to treat sunburns. It is intensely cooling, and helps rehydrate damaged skin. The plant can be cut, the gel like insides scooped out, mashed and applied directly atop burnt skin. Aloe vera is also renowned for its healing properties and is extremely skin friendly. It is used in a variety of ways to boost complexion, even skin tone, prevent skin diseases and more.


Switch off from spicy, heavy food and tune in to light, hydrating options. Sip on coconut water, drink a lot of water, to keep skin plump and hydrated. Indian gooseberry is another great fruit which is healthy for the body and provides a load of benefits apart from helping boost the skin’s defense against the sun.

By following these steps, your sunburn woes will be solved in no time at all. Ayurvedic remedies can be simple, effective and since they are all natural, there are usually no side effects. Always consult an expert in Ayurvedic doctor to choose the best Ayurvedic remedies for your ailments.


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