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AYURVEDA TO BEAT THE WINTER BLUESWinter can be oppressive. It can cause individuals to feel under the weather and lonely. Ayurveda attributes good physical health to good mental health. By this concept, it is important to keep the cheer up while simultaneously changing habits to adapt for the colder weather. Below are a few ayurvedic tips to beat the winter blues.

  • Every morning, wake up after the sun rises. This ensures the body is not overwhelmed by the chill. It is also the best time to exercise. Try some breathing exercises and walking every day.
  • Kapha imbalance is a common problem in the winter. Avoid this by doing yoga Pick poses which open up the chest and help clear the lungs. Daily yoga loosens the muscles and helps prevent the cold from affecting the body. Sweating is good in this weather.
  • Warm massages are a must in this season. Use warm sesame oil to massage yourself at least once a week. Take hot showers rather than cold baths. Massage yourself in the shower as well to create friction which soothes and warms the body.
  • Choose warming foods like stews, soups and roasts. Avoid eating cold food and stop consumption of cold beverages. Kichari is a great staple to keep you full and content while also doing ample good to the body.
  • Spices such as clove, cinnamon and ginger are great for warming the body. Incorporate them into any dishes you cook. They boost immunity, prevent illnesses and keep the body healthy.
  • Add ghee in your food and eat more vegetables. Choose to steam the vegetables rather than frying them for better hydration and nutrient retention.
  • Dry and raw foods are best avoided. Do not eat too many chips, nuts and grains.
  • Turmeric is an ayurvedic spice which can keep the body warm and improve immunity during the winter. Take them in capsule form for better absorption of curcumin, the healing part of turmeric. Golden milk is another great way to add turmeric into your diet.
  • Avoid taking naps as this can aggravate kapha resulting in congestion and coughs.

If you feel low, consult an ayurvedic doctor for the best redesign of your diet to realign you with better living according to your dosha.


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