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Ears are an oft overlooked part of the body, though they are one of the most important ones. Ayurveda is a wholly rounded science which imparts knowledge on healing and nurturing all parts of the body. This includes the ears. In today’s world, noise pollution has become a major issue. From honking cars to buzzing drills, the soothing sounds of nature have lost ground to noise.

This problem has further been compounded as a result of technological advances. Constant wearing of earphones has become a norm, with people having them on for hours at a time. This direct transmission of sound into the ear canals have detrimental effects on hearing, with prolonged long-term usage. With instant gratification being the expectation, and eyes always on screens, ears have also become exposed to constant sources of sound, whether white noise or necessary information. This excessive auditory stimulation without a break can result in loss of hearing. 

auditory wellnessEars are delicate organs which require more than just a regular cleaning. They help maintain balance and equilibrium in the body, and are a centre of several nerves. Providing periods of silence aids not just the ears but also improves mental health. Sometimes all it takes to quiet a loud mind is silence. All this means that care should be taken to ensure the ears are not overlooked in maintaining overall health and well-being. Ayurveda prescribes practices which can help promote ear health and improve quality of life as well. Oil is an important aspect of numerous ayurvedic treatments. Oiling of the ears is a great way to improve auditory wellness. 


This is a basic and simple ayurvedic treatment which can be performed as regularly as every night. Always start by choosing the right oil. An ayurvedic doctor can provide guidance. Olive oil is great for removing excess earwax. Sesame oil is a great carrier base. The oils also have the effect of moisturizing the ear canal and removing any debris and dirt which may have accumulated. Simply warm the oil by placing a bottle of it in warm water. Then put 2-3 drops into your ears and gently massage. Karna Pratisaranam is great for soothing the nerves, calming the mind and improving stability and hearing. You can boost the experience by spending some time massaging your ears. Press the earlobes, spend time massaging the external parts of the ear. This is also believed to boost mental function. This ayurvedic therapy can help ears reset and heal from the stress of constant noise all through the day. 


Karna Purana is a deeper, more intense ear oiling therapy. This is recommended to be done once a month or on the advise of an ayurvedic doctor. Warm some oil by placing it in a glass bottle surrounded by warm water. Slowly pour about 7-8 drops of warm oil into the ear while laying down on your side. The oil should just fill the ear canal. Do not let the oil overflow. Stay in this position and allow the oil to penetrate deeply into the ear canal and the auditory membrane. Embrace the silence brought on by the unctuous oil within the ear. Breathe slowly and deeply. Remain like this for about 10 minutes. Then sit up, drain the excess oil and repeat for the other ear. This practice has shown to help with mental stimulation and rejuvenation. Doing this once a month can help keep your ears functioning properly, and improve overall wellbeing. 

Always follow a qualified ayurvedic practitioners advice before incorporating any ayurvedic therapies into your day to day life. They provide the best Ayurvedic regimen for your body type.


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