Why you should opt for an Ayurvedic face massage

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As we lead a hectic lifestyle, multi-tasking both in our personal and professional lives, we seldom care about our looks and health, resulting in premature aging. The burgeoning stress levels and increased environmental pollution impact our skin, especially the face. If our face is the mirror of our heart, that exhausted, dry, dull, and wrinkled face will give an impression that we are sick. It affects our self-confidence, and that might as well reflect both in our professional and personal life. Therefore, maintaining our skin and facial glow is important. There are a lot of facials and aromatherapies available in modern-day beauty parlors. But you may spend more to sustain your looks without any great tangible benefit. 

Rather, if you have the option of an alternative mechanism where your skin naturally gets the much-needed rejuvenation, won’t you go for it? Ayurvedic face massages are considered the best bet to bring back the glow to your listless skin! An Ayurvedic face massage can change your look, and the positive vibes are beyond description.

Now, let’s figure out how a facial massage works for you and how it works to rejuvenate your skin. Our skin has three layers: epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis. At the same time, the epidermis is the outermost layer exposed to the environment, which consists of closely packed epithelial cells and pores. The dermis, the middle layer of our skin, consists of hair follicles, oil and sweat glands, blood vessels, nerve endings, and tissues. It also has collagen and elastin fibers, which shape our skin. The hypodermis is the innermost layer, consisting of connective tissues and fat.

When your face is massaged, what happens is that it initially removes the dead cells from the epidermis in addition to opening the blocked pores. While massaging, the gentle kneading and circulatory motion exercise all 42 facial muscles, making them firm and toned. Furthermore, it increases the blood flow and oxygen to the underlying layers. Massaging also allows the natural oil to get deep and nourish the dermal and hypodermal tissues. Last but not least, massaging further reduces puffiness by draining excess water and mucus from your sinuses. In short, face massages provide a youthful and exuberant look and feel through exfoliation, increase oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin, and tone the muscles.

While massaging, Ayurvedic experts use only non-abrasive, herbal oils and plant-based scrubs, which are kind on our skin. These natural products are equivalent to the human skin’s pH value. Herbal oils like coconut, almond, and kumkumadi tailam hydrate your skin, thus making your skin soft and supple. It is also beneficial for dry and scaly skin.


As Ayurvedic massages infuse the principles of aromatherapy, they generate a deep feeling of well-being in you. What’s more, the medicated oil molecules inhaled during the massage activate the smell receptors, which will eventually stimulate your brain’s limbic system, the part that controls appetite, emotions, and sexual drive, thus making you feel at home.


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