What you need to know about Ayurvedic medicine

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Ayurvedic medicine is India’s primary healthcare system. More than 90 percent of the sub-continent’s population use some form of Ayurvedic therapy, including following its dietary principles, practicing traditional knowledge or, seeking professional help from trained Ayurvedic practitioners.

Ayurvedic medicine is entirely holistic. Its adherents strive to create harmony between the body, mind, and spirit, maintaining that this balance prevents illness, treats acute conditions, and contributes to a long and healthy life.

Ayurvedic healing process may be thought to be slower compared to mainstream over the counter or prescription pain relief medicines. However, the upside about Ayurveda is that it is a complete wellness package and heals the patient by uncovering the root of the problem, rather than treat the symptoms. Ayurvedic products do not pose any side effects or adverse effects on your body and completely safe to use, even on a regular basis.

Things you must know before taking Ayurvedic medicine

One of the reasons why Ayurveda has such a following is the fact that people consider it to be quite a safe and effective alternative to western biomedicine. With most chemicals having massive side effects, customers are slowly leaning towards other ways to heal and stay healthy.

Ayurvedic medicine is an indigenous system of medicine. The remedies used are quite simple in nature, and the ingredients can be found in almost any household.

The fact that there are no side effects is one of the critical points that help Ayurvedic medicine become a more preferable option. The ingredients are purely herbal and do not contain artificial preservatives. The treatment is holistic and brings together the mind, body, and soul.

Ayurveda is not a magical pill. As with anything worth it, Ayurveda also deserves time. Instant results are not always long-lasting. Ayurvedic medicines will take its time to hand over the cure, but that is because it is working with you and the rest of your body.

Importance of consulting an Ayurvedic doctor

Whilst there are no side effects of Ayurvedic medicines, the Ayurvedic doctor plays a vital role in your dosage. He will understand your persona, your lifestyle and the various physical and emotional balances involved before prescribing medicines to you.

Do understand that while intake of generic treatment is alright, specific ailments and symptoms require the guidance of a practitioner.

Protocols need to be followed to the last detail. If you need it to work, there is a food and medicine regimen to be followed. It is not just about what is consumed, but when and how as well. The human body is but precious and must be respected and appreciated. Similarly, Ayurvedic medicine will work when taken with care.

Always complete the course

The effects of Ayurvedic medicine cannot be seen unless they are consumed in the right dosage, at the right time and for the entire duration. Along with it, ensure that the other requirements, such as appropriate lifestyle and a balanced diet, are met.

Stay on the path and enhance your health in every way. The time-tested Ayurvedic medicines will guide you to bring out the best in you. Ayurveda is one of the most ancient systems of treatment in India, tested over a period of 5000+ years for efficacy. They help one regain energy and enhance well-being. The approach is intended to understand and solve your everyday problems to bring a holistic health solution.


The main aim of Ayurvedic medicine is to help prevent diseases. The treatment involved in Ayurveda looks at the root of the problem and curing it from the root rather than symptomatic treatment. This is the reason why we call Ayurvedic medicine a holistic treatment method.


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