Varicose Veins Treatment in Ayurveda

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Varicose veins are a common condition seen mostly in the legs that is a result of feeble or damaged valves. They mostly appear as bending vessels below the skin’s surface. Arteries and veins carry blood from/to your heart to/from other body parts using one-way valves that keep blood flowing. But if the valves are damaged or frail, blood tends to back up and puddle in your veins. The result is swollen and twisted veins, which can lead to varicose veins.

At Ayush Ayurvedic Singapore, Varicose Veins treatment aims at improving the blood circulation that is most crucial for the affected area. External therapies are given along with blood thinning medication to repair valve function so that the blood can be circulated back to the heart. Blood purification procedures and medicine are given to detox the blood generated as a result of the improperly functioning valve. Varicose Veins care in Ayurveda improves the body’s metabolism which will help in purifying the blood faster, aids better functioning of heart by reducing cholesterol and, aids in the opening of the clot formed due to dysfunction of the valve.

Ayush Ayurveda Singapore’s Varicose Veins treatment includes very effective massage therapies such as Panchakarma and Udwarthanam. All Varicose Veins care regimes in Ayurveda are suggested and carried out after proper diagnosis by our expert teams of doctors and therapists.

Panchakarma is one of the important treatments for patients undergoing Varicose Veins care routines in Ayurveda. Udwarthanam is a process of invigorating the whole body through a powder massage. Udwarthanam pairs a massage with the application of a specially formulated herbal paste that is made up using herbal powders carefully selected by the therapists according to the patient’s body type or ‘dosha’.  It is also one of the detoxification processes.

Varicose Veins treatment with Ayurveda at home:

  • Gently massage your legs with the oil once every day, avoiding areas directly over the veins that could aggravate your condition.
  • Elevation of the limb relieves oedema. Two short times during day and all through the night, keeping the foot elevated above the level of heart and toes above the level of nose is highly recommended. 
  • Exercise and Yogasanas increase the muscle strength, stimulate the flow of blood and enhance the circulation. This relieves pain and other complications and thus promoting healthy veins.

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