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Due to restrictions of the COVID-19, all our travel plans were put on hold, confining our lives to our homes. Post relaxation of the lockdown, the very thought of holiday and travel is certainly a morale booster. With the pandemic on the decline and more and more markets opening up, travel and tourism are picking up once again.

However, what makes a holiday so special for you is how you get away from all these rigmaroles, contemplate doing something new, and take a real break from the typical, mundane and monotonous work schedule. For that to happen, you need to plan a stress-free vacation. Realizing the imbalances travel creates, taking the requisite steps to overcome that, and minimizing travel stress are equally important to make your life a bit easier.

Now, let’s see what the travel-induced imbalances are. Vata dosha controls the movements in our body, from the breath getting in and out of the lungs to blood circulation and nourishment reaching the cells. Long car rides and long-haul air travel can cause an imbalance of Vata and other doshas or conditions. When we travel long distances, the Vata gets over-stimulated, leading to difficulties. Also, when traveling in a fast-moving vehicle, the unpredictable routine aggravates a sub-dosha or sub-conditions of Vata called Prana Vata, which controls mental and emotional balance. As you constantly sit inside the moving vehicle, it disturbs Apana Vata, which controls the downward movements of elimination and purification, eventually triggering irregular bowel movements.

Pitta dosha controls heat, and its sub-doshaPachaka Pitta, which is responsible for digestion. If you have an irregular schedule of meals and sleep, it will impact Pachaka Pitta, and subsequently, your digestion gets upset. 

It would be best to plan things a week before your proposed travel to stay balanced. In the first place, you need to stick to a routine to keep the Vata balanced before you kick-start your journey. It also helps you cope with stress, time pressure, unpredictability, and many other demands associated with travel. 

Each day, ensure that you consume food on time, with lunch during the mid-day and dinner three hours before you hit the bed. Try sleeping at least by 10.00 P.M. while ensuring continuous and uninterrupted sleep. Similarly, plan your tasks so that you don’t have to do things in haste.

Before and during the travel, eat Vata and Pitta-friendly meals to soothe your bowel. Sweet lassi is an excellent lunchtime beverage that soothes your bowel. While traveling, it is prudent for you to avoid extremely sour food items, including pickles or any dish with vinegar or, for that matter, food with spices such as red chilli and pepper. Instead, try consuming sweet juicy fruits liberally, warm milk-soaked with almonds, and food with light proteins like moong dal and basmati rice.

Perform a self-massage. Sounds weird? But it works. If you give yourself a daily oil massage for a minimum of a week before you commence your travel, preferably with Vata massage oil, it will do a lot of good in reducing travel fatigue. After a nice massage, take a hot shower. Soap needs to be applied only to the areas you need to use and the rest of the body. You can wipe off the oil with the help of a towel. It will allow your skin to keep absorbing the oil for a longer time. 

Oil massage has a host of health benefits. It helps boost the blood circulation in your body besides enhancing the mind. It also keeps your skin lubricated in addition to toning the muscles. Sitting in a cramped space for hours will trigger many issues such as aches, pains, stiffness of your body, and muscle cramps. It is here that your oil massage will come of big help in terms of minimizing all these conditions mentioned above.




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