Ayurveda in the management of grey hair

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Greying hair is naturally associated with age. If natural greying of hair was common in the 40s and 50s, we see people in their 20s and 30s full of silver-grey hair. While hair colouring is seen as a one-stop-shop solution for grey hair, its long use is not advised. Rather than focusing on colouring your hair, it is prudent for you to analyse and take effective steps to reverse it.

Often, premature greying of hair is either genetic or vitamin deficiency. If either of your parents has the issue of premature greying of hair, then chances are high you might as well suffer from the same issue. What with our fast-paced lifestyle, surviving on fast food, it is quite natural that you might not get the requisite vitamins. Vitamins such as B12 and B5 are essential vitamins that we need, and the lack of these can also lead to premature greying of hair. In addition to these two common types of premature greying of hair, other factors such as sedate lifestyle, anaemia, stress, overuse of salt, smoking, and consumption of alcohol in an excessive way can also lead to premature hair greying.

Alternative sciences have some solutions to this issue, especially Ayurveda. Greying of hair is known as palitya in Ayurvedic parlance, which strikes at a young age due to an imbalance of pitta dosha, essentially impacting the heat balance in the body getting disturbed and triggering greying of hair. Let’s see some of the Ayurvedic solutions for the reversal of premature greying of hair.

Mainly, there are three types of treatments available for premature greying of hair in Ayurveda: Nasya karma, Shirodhara, and Shiro lepa. In the Nasya karma treatment process, oil is applied to nasal roots, which is a natural therapeutic treatment for hair. In Shirodhara therapy, warm, herbal oil is poured on the forehead that will eventually relieve the stress and calm your mind. As the oil is absorbed through the scalp, it further helps you in terms of reducing your hair issues, including hair fall, dandruff, and grey hair. In the Shiro lepa therapy, a herbal paste is applied to the crown chakra, and the head is massaged in a gentle manner with medicated oils. This treatment too helps reduce hair fall and premature greying of your hair, in addition to being a stress reliever. Also, it nourishes your skin and promotes detoxification.

All these pieces of information are for you to understand the issues and how to deal with them. If you want to start any of these treatment methodologies, you need to consult a qualified Ayurvedic expert. 

Meanwhile, there are some useful tips that are essential home remedies to treat premature greying of hair, which you can try on your own. Soak fenugreek seeds, make as paste of them with water and apply the paste mix to your scalp. Also, you may apply amla (gooseberry) powder paste, and curry leaves powder, coconut oil, and curd on your scalp. Retain it for a few hours, and then you can rinse it with cold water. Oil your hair on a regular basis, better if your oil is Ayurvedic and medicated with herbs meant to prevent greying. Ensure you consume a balanced and nutritious diet. Eventually, the premature greying of your hair can be reversed.



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