Simple ways to improve lymphatic health

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We have different systems working hard in our bodies to keep us alive 24/7. Among these, in Ayurveda, we consider the lymphatic system to be a very important one, says Dr.V.C Ajith Kumar, Director and Principal Consultant of Ayush Ayurveda, Singapore, Little India Branch. It is very important to keep this system healthy. Any physician of Ayurveda will primarily focus on this system before beginning any treatment, explains Dr. Ajith Kumar. Ayurveda refers to lymph as ‘Rasa’. “It is said to be the water of life. The Lymphatic system (made of lymph nodes and vessels) drains fluids from tissues in the body. It thus relieves the body of toxins and excess water and in turn, helps it to absorb necessary vitamins and minerals from the digestive system,” explains the Ayurvedic physician.

Role of the Lymphatic system

Dr. V. C. Ajith Kumar goes into depth about the role played by the lymphatic system in our body. He lists out a few points about how this detox system functions:

  • The body cannot do without this system which, is the basis of our immunity, delivers fats in the form of triglycerides in the body, in-between meals.
  • Sometimes we eat proteins and fats that are unable to get into the bloodstream. They will straight reach the stomach and the small intestine as undigested matter. The result is weight gain. It is the lymph that helps to digest the proteins and fats.
  • All toxins from the skin, respiratory tract, and waste from each and every cell in the body are drained by it. It is said to drain toxins and plaque from the brain too.
  • We tend to develop psychological, cognitive, and immune concerns if there is no proper drainage of lymph from the brain and the central nervous system.

Lymph flow problem symptoms

Dr. V. C. Ajth Kumar, the physician at Ayush Singapore says that the lymph primarily moves through the muscles in the body. The vessels in the lymphatic system send filtered lymph fluids into the blood and by this action, the lymphatic vessels maintain fluid balance in the body. But, if there is an obstruction to this fluid flow, we are surely in for trouble, alerts Dr. Ajith Kumar. This situation arises when we experience stress or any illness, or lead an unhealthy lifestyle. When the lymphatic system is disrupted patients experience frequent infections in the ENT (ear, nose, throat) segment, explains the Ayurvedic physician.

 The Ayurvedic doctor goes on to explain that while the sinuses are blocked, rashes on the skin become common. Patients often suffer from stiffness in joints, indigestion, bloating, and constipation. They find it difficult to lose weight and experience mood swings, headaches, and disturbed sleep, adds Dr. Ajith Kumar. Depression, fatigue, and low energy become part of their lives, and daily routine is disrupted totally. 

Now that we have seen what the lymphatic system is all about, don’t you think it is essential to keep it healthy and strong, asks the Ayurvedic physician, Dr.Ajith Kumar. He advocates that it is very important for us to avoid exposure to toxic chemicals. He explains that if we are exposed to chemicals from pesticides or cleaning products, then the body will find it hard to filter them as waste. “What is very important for waste elimination is the free movement of lymph. For this, one has to drink a lot of water and make exercise a part of their daily routine,” says the doctor of Ayurveda of Ayush, Singapore. 

Elaborating on this point further, he says movement helps the natural pumping of lymph. Dry skin brushing, good hydration and deep-breathing techniques, and good nutrition are all important factors to keep a good flow of lymph in the body.

Recommended treatments

Ayurveda recommends a good lymphatic massage at periodic intervals to keep the body healthy. The massage will involve consistent wave-like motions to particular areas to increase circulation. This will in turn help to remove waste and toxins from the body and promote relaxation and calmness, says Dr. V. C, Ajith Kumar.

Throwing more light on the subject the Ayurvedic doctor advocates periodic use of lymph-cleansing herbs like ocotillo bark, astragalus, ginger root, red root, and stillingia. How do these herbs act? Explains Dr. Ajith Kumar:

Ocotillo bark: It acts as a lymph de-stagnator and helps to detox the lymphatic system.

Red root: A congested lymphatic system can be treated with this astringent herb. This bitter herb also offsets the accumulation of fibrous tissue (due to age). Though this is a harsh herb it is good for excessive sleepiness, digestion problems, and sleepiness.  The herb cleans the intestinal lymphatic-collecting ducts and helps in the efficient elimination of waste.

Stillingia root: Helps to treat congestion in the lymphatic system and mucus membranes.

Astragalus: It boosts the immune system. It helps in treating skin-associated lymphatic tissues. 

Ginger root: This universal spice of Ayurveda acts as a natural cleanser for the collecting ducts in the intestines and the lymphatic system as a whole.

Massage for relief

To get good relief from stress and pain associated with an imbalance of lymph in the body, Dr. V. C. Ajth Kumar, Physician of Ayurveda at Ayush Singapore advocates an Abhyanga massage. Take a dry oil massage to nourish the tissues. This will promote joint health and improve blood circulation and relax the muscles too. Healthy skin, hair, and mental alertness are some of the other benefits of this massage, says the doctor.

The doctor of Ayurveda also advises a Marma massage which focuses on accessing the energy or prana via the marma points throughout the body. The result would be total detoxing tissue regeneration, the release of tension, and the release of psychological blockages. 

Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old traditional system of medicine, is the best to rejuvenate the lymphatic system as it is based on the idea of maintaining balance in the body, explains Dr. Ajith Kumar.  The system uses a good combination of diet, herbs, and breathing techniques to achieve equilibrium in the body.

At Ayush Singapore, our treatments are more than just a system of treating illness. We help people to stay fit and realize their full health potential, smilingly says Dr. Ajith Kumar, Physician of Ayurveda, Ayush.


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