Managing Vertigo with Ayurveda

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Relax and remove the scare of dizziness because of Vertigo, with tested methods shared by Ayurveda Singapore
The mention of Vertigo makes a person cautious instantly. Vertigo, known as Brahma in Ayurveda, shows a sensation of spinning in or around a person. Ayurvedic Singapore therapists further explain that this medical condition occurs because of Vata (excessive intake of dry, light, and cold foods), and Pitta (consumption of spicy and hot foods) combined with the Kapa (intake of heavy and cold foods) traits. This, in turn, disrupts the balance mechanism of the inner ear. In this, the common symptoms are dizziness, nausea, sweating, headache, and other unpleasant sensations that lead to a tendency to lose balance.
There are many causes of vertigo-related dizziness, but the most common is an imbalance of fluids in the ear. Ear infections, colds or sinus infections, lack of sleep, stress or anxiety, migraine attacks, vision problems, age-related problems, medication side effects, and more can cause this. However, Ayurveda Singapore therapists do not consider this as a severe illness, but then this can cause injury because of the risk of falling. Vertigo should not be ignored, especially if it is found to affect elders, because they will need constant care. Causes of dizziness are mostly harmless, except in rare cases of brain tumours, epilepsy, or other serious illnesses.
Embrace Ayurveda to bid farewell to Vertigo
A thorough evaluation of a person’s constitution (Prakriti) and dosha imbalances (Vikriti) at diagnosis is the first step in the Ayurvedic Singapore therapy process. Other examinations have been done to arrive at the actual cause of Vertigo. As mentioned, the imbalance between the vata and pitta doshas is the root cause of Vertigo. Ayurveda always looks at any medical condition from a 360-degree angle, and the vertigo-related therapies suggested to individuals will depend on the specific source that gave way to this condition.
Make peace with sleep
One important guideline for people with Vertigo is always to respect their sleep time of 8 hours and maintain daily discipline. Ayurveda Singapore experts insist that sleep is essential and is the body’s natural mechanism that will help restore the ear’s balance, which is the greatest power to win from Vertigo. Upon waking up, people with vertigo symptoms should turn over softly on their side, sit up for a little and then slowly get up. They should follow this waking-up process as it will remove the dizzy sensation.
Know a healthy diet
The traditional medicines suggested by Ayurvedic Singapore generally consist of specific diet and sleep schedule adjustments for Vertigo. Such individuals have to stop eating fermented and cold foods and fried, spicy, and sour foods. The tendency to have excess dairy and meat should be strictly avoided. This, in turn, will not only take care of digestion and sleep but also reflect an improvement in overall health.
Practice yoga and mindfulness
According to the foundational idea of Ayurveda, one’s body, mind, and soul are inextricably linked. Ayurveda Singapore strongly reminds us that stress and worry are key contributors to many modern-day diseases. Thus, to calm and soothe the mind, deep breathing and
meditation are advised to manage Vertigo. To bring the Vata-Pitta balance back, some yoga asanas can be performed; however, because they involve a risk of falling, they should only be performed under supervision.
Know the healing properties of herbs
In the world of Ayurveda, the goodness of herbs is paramount in managing overall health. Herbs are natural healers gifted by Mother Nature, as Ayurvedic Singapore positively mentions, and there are certain herbs just for Vertigo; Ayurveda recommends using natural remedies like Triphala, Guduchi Kashaya, Ashwagandha, Amalaki, Haritaki, Yavasa, Sariva, Giloy, Pitpapda, Brahmi, and Vacha. They have relaxing properties that remove the influence of Vertigo by balancing the doshas. These herbs have to be consumed for a consistent period to see the results.
Go for trusted panchakarma therapies
Ayurveda Singapore also recommends panchakarma therapies, but these must be done under the guidance of qualified professionals. A popular one involves applying medicated herbal oils to the forehead to relieve stress and promote general body and mind calmness. Vertigo symptoms can also be relieved by whole-body and head/neck massages, which also help to enhance blood circulation.
Vertigo will no longer seem like a problematic illness when the different ways shared by Ayurvedic Singapore are taken into consideration and followed as a routine.


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