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Roses are not just one of nature’s most beautiful offerings to us, but also have great health benefits. According to Ayurveda, roses have immense medicinal properties. Roses are believed to calm the heart, soothe the mind and cool the body. Depending on your ailments or illnesses, roses can be used in various ways. Look for an “ayurvedic clinic near me” to find the Ayush centre closest to you and receive expert advice on the usage of roses to better your lifestyle.

Roses are a great addition to both mental and physical healing. The euphoric fragrance in itself acts as a remedy to bring balance to any mind. Kapha dosha is intensely calmed by roses. Roses also affect the physical body, by cooling it and promoting better digestion.

Rosemilk is a drink popular in India. You can add roses to your diet by indulging in a glass of chilled Rosemilk. This awakens the senses with its sweet taste and floral fragrance. This can be a great way to cool down in the summer. It can also work with milk and stimulate digestion.

Roses are also a powerful ayurvedic skincare ingredient. Pure distilled rosewater is widely sought, and has shown to greatly improve skin texture and elasticity. It is a topical application elixir against ageing. Simply spritz some onto your face after washing to refresh your skin and moisturize it. You can also use rosewater as a toner to balance the pH of your skin and remove impurities. Rose petals can also be added to a bath to make it a relaxing experience.

It’s not just the petals which are known for their ayurvedic significance, but also the rose hips. Rosehip oil is another ayurvedic remedy for skin. It is potent medicinal oil and works deeply, penetrating the skin and aiding healing of acne scars. It also helps remove black spots and pigmentation from the skin and is a holy grail ayurvedic beauty product for many. 

With such wonderful benefits for the body and skin, mind and soul, rose is a necessary ayurvedic remedy to add to your day-to-day life. Google “ayurveda clinic near me” to find an Ayush centre  next to you in Singapore and get a personalized consultation and treatment plan to treat your concerns effectively.


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