Five ways to cleanse your body after the holiday indulgence

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Effective and natural ways to cleanse your body with Ayurvedic Singapore for a happy and healthy life
In vacations, the calories do not count. People immerse in the fun and fervour associated with holidays. However, after the days of indulgence, it is time to detox the body. Ayurvedic Singapore is here to help you with natural ways to cleanse your body rather than adding the pressure of getting back to shape and form through unnecessary strenuous tasks for the body.
1. Hydrate your body, in the citrus way
Holidays may be joyful and parallel to it your body also goes through some transformation by way of diet, shape, and stamina. It is important to get the digestion process back on track and water works wonders as Ayurveda Singapore consultants emphasize for all of you who are on the lookout for the right way. Sip warm lemon water to start your day and keep drinking it as you go. Warm water and lemons together can help you stay hydrated and improve your digestion all day long. To maintain a robust metabolism and digestive fire, it is advisable to drink herbal green tea and fennel tea too.
2. Get your energy back, with daily yoga

At times you might be so conscious about your weight after a royal holiday treat to your body, the guilt will make you do it all to get quick results. Ayurvedic Singapore gives an important thought to ponder. Treat your body with love and care then stress it out in pursuit of baring calories in one shot. Holidays are a good time to stop worrying about your looks, and then later when you realize that you need to get your body back in balance, yoga is the best option to start with. You need not go for an expensive gym subscription for crash diet courses, because the magic of just 20-30 minutes of daily yoga and walking will help you feel at home and without any pressure. Integrate power yoga and cardio along with breathing techniques to see the wonderful changes in your body as well as mind within 21 days.

3. Reset your diet, through plant-based
You need not deprive yourself of eating, once all done with the holiday fever. The extra weight that you seem to have added, can always be brought back in control through mindful eating. The effect of holidays may be too heavy on your mind at times, as Ayurveda Singapore therapists hear, because out of anxiety you might have the urge to cut down on food in total. On the contrary, you just need to replace your diet with fruits, veggies, and other plant-based proteins. The idea is to eat all that is gluten-free and dairy-free till you reach your desired shape. You will start feeling happy and have a natural tendency to eat less than be carried away by temptations for unhealthy yet tasty food. Yes, you can enjoy your chocolates and dessert in moderation.

4. Intermittent fasting, promises good results
Ayurvedic Singapore has a team who have years of expertise in understanding the impact of food on your body. For weight loss solutions, in case you need a conscious change from the vacation diet and eating pattern, you can try intermittent fasting. This is a fasting technique wherein you can eat normally but then you will have a window of 16 hours to give your digestive process a total reset and your mind a relaxation. You need to finish your last meal by 7 pm and also eat food with wholesome protein and minerals rather than carbs or gluten. Consult our experts to learn more about this type of fasting and this will help you in weight loss, sleep better, and feel happier than ever before.

5. The practice of mindful eating all the time
Holidays can be made nourishing and filled with self-love through conscious eating all year round. Ayurveda Singapore shares a piece of advice that you can eat everything you like but in measured quantities and enjoy with your family or friends with the same enthusiasm. Holiday is for distressing the mind and body but it does not mean hoarding your body with things that are not needed for its joy.

Enjoy your holidays and ensure that you do not neglect your body. Ayurveda Singapore suggests that you always go for natural ways to cleanse your body rather than sweat it out the hard way.


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