Five herbal teas to stay healthy

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Ayurveda Singapore prescribes some soothing herbal tea flavours to rejuvenate the mind and the body.
Herbal tea is creating a special place in the lives of millions across the globe. Tea is a favourite of people with distinct health benefits, and unlike regular tea, herbal tea comes in many flavours of leaves, flowers, and even spices. Ayurvedic Singapore team of health therapists say that while drinking tea is a good idea, many teas have unique health benefits. So, take a cup of your preferred choice and read on to discover the benefits. The good part is that these should be consumed without adding milk and qualify for healthy Ayurveda health practices.
Tulsi tea strengthens the immune system
Tulsi, or Indian basil, is a popular plant with various medicinal benefits in the country. Tulsi strengthens the immune system, controls blood pressure, and reduces stress symptoms. Ayurvedic Singapore professional consultants use this and give many advantages of tulsi in Ayurveda medicines, too. It is also said to support heart health by reducing cholesterol levels and may improve bowel movements when consumed daily. Preparing tulsi tea is easy. You can make it with fresh leaves, dried leaves, or powder. Add a handful of fresh leaves to boiling water and leave for ten minutes. Alternatively, add half a teaspoon of tulsi powder to water and boil. Stir well before having it.
Ginger tea is great for getting rid of headache
Ginger tea has been known as grandmother’s magic medicine since ancient times because of its many digestive and immune benefits. Ayurveda Singapore understands the fantastic healing properties of this medicinal plant. Anyone with a headache or migraine can have a few sips of warm ginger tea, providing good relief. Usually, ginger lemon tea with some honey forms the right mix to help reduce headaches. Sipping hot ginger and lemon tea, you will see your headache gradually disappear. Ginger tea can be easily prepared by adding fresh or dried ginger to hot water. Leave it for a while and add a few drops of honey or lemon.
Hibiscus tea acts best for lowering blood pressure
Hibiscus is rich in antioxidants, offering many potential benefits. Research has revealed many health benefits associated with consuming hibiscus tea, which can lower blood pressure, inhibit bacterial growth, and even help weight loss. As per insightful research by experts worldwide, the Ayurvedic Singapore team of therapists also emphasizes in this study that the hibiscus flower has a special compound named polyphenols, which has impressive results on cancer patients. This is good for the skin and for hair growth. It is very easy to prepare this tea. Hibiscus tea can be made by boiling hibiscus flowers in water. Turn off the heat and cover the container when the water changes to red. After 15 minutes, you can add drops of lemon juice to enhance the flavour.
Chamomile tea influences restful sleep and deep relaxation
Chamomile tea is a popular herbal infusion, and Ayurveda Singapore qualifies it as a good bedtime drink to experience relaxed sleep. It is a calming drink as the flower is known to have a rich amount of bioactive phytochemicals called flavonoids. It is suitable for the heart and immune system and positively impacts relieving symptoms of anti inflammatory properties and anti-anxiety issues. You can grow the plant, or the dry flowers are available online. You have got to boil the flowers in water, let them rest for a while, drain the water, and then add some honey to sweeten them.
Lemongrass tea is an instant stress reliever
The word stress is so common, and what if there was a way to feel easy and hydrated? Lemongrass tea is the most popular, and experts at Ayurvedic Singapore well explain its health advantages. This is used to reduce pain during menstrual cramps, bloating, and even hot flashes and for women during their periods. This is an immunity booster and also helps in regulating cholesterol levels. The lemongrass stem and leaves can be infused in boiling water and soaked for a few minutes. The tea will taste great when treated with some honey.
Herbal teas have a perfect role in providing healthy solutions for many issues inside the body and overall well-being. Ayurveda Singapore always suggests the best therapies and remedies for the body to help you stay happy and healthy with natural and unadulterated magical herbs provided by Mother Nature.


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