Ayurvedic recommendations for relieving menstrual cramps

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Ayurveda Singapore highly recommends natural ways to relieve menstrual cramps for a pain-free period.
Cramps are quite common in more than 60 per cent of women during menstruation. The thought of menstrual cramps makes women gloomy and worried. Ayurvedic Singapore has experts who get a lot of queries seeking natural ways to handle menstrual cramps. The uncomfortable sensations known as menstrual cramps are experienced by women both before and during their menstrual period. Both the lower back and lower abdomen may be affected by this pain. The medical term is dysmenorrhea, and this uneasy pain usually starts during the first 1 or 2 days of a girl’s period.
In the language of Ayurveda, the painful cramping during a girl’s period is termed Kashta Artava which comes under intensified Vata Dosha, which is nothing but one symptom in many of the gynaecological disorders. This pain can be reduced through healthy and ancient methods, and Ayurveda Singapore emphasizes that women should make lifestyle changes to make their menstrual cycles go smooth and pain-free.
1. Hydrate the body and consume soothing herbal tea
One of the reasons for the menstrual pain that Ayurveda Singapore consultants have mainly observed is because of limited water intake. One must ensure to have a good amount of water a few days before their period date and during the period, a bottle of water should always be kept handy. Water is always the human body’s best friend, and women in their monthly cycle can try out tea using the products available at home. Ajwain tea, fenugreek tea, mint tea, cumin coriander-fennel tea, chamomile tea, or simple green tea are good to sip and relax as this helps to reduce the bloating feel in the abdomen along with relieving the pain.
1. Savour the magical power of fenugreek seeds
One of the recommended tips for anyone facing menstrual cramps is an ancient method used in Ayurveda. The Ayurvedic Singapore team has experts who have decades of knowledge about the properties of natural herbs and spices that are generally used in every kitchen. They say that fenugreek or methi seed is one such ingredient that plays a major role when it comes to weight loss, better digestion, and hair care. This does wonders in reducing cramps and relaxing the body. It does not take much effort but soak a tablespoon of methi seeds overnight and drink it first thing the next morning. It will be great to start consuming this water a few days before menstruation, say the therapists at Ayurveda Singapore, because it will help make the menstrual cycle less problematic and more comforting.
1. Take a break from spicy and oily food
Food and the menstrual cramps are so closely related. Ayurveda Singapore suggests that one must be very careful about the food consumed during their monthly cycle. Food digestion takes a lot more time than usual when bleeding is on, so it is ideal to keep your body light and right. As already mentioned, water is a healer when consumed more often. Sour or spicy food will lead to more heat so such non vegetarian or any fried food should be avoided in these few days. Simple satvic food such as lentil, curd, or ghee rice with just a pinch of salt and a sprinkle of turmeric will be perfect. Boiled vegetables and salads are also good. Sugar can be supplemented by jaggery, which helps keep the Vata in balance. These mindful options will help women breeze through their period without much pain or negligible pain.
4.Get regular with pranayama, yoga, and meditation
One of the best ways to keep the annoying menstrual pain at bay, as Ayurvedic Singapore recommends, is by choosing a mindful physical care routine that will keep the body active, especially the pelvic area, for women. In the modern world, experts suggest that there has to be movement through yoga or exercises or walking every day. Light breathing exercises that form an integral part of pranayama practice bring remarkable results during these times of the month. The primary and popular breathing mantras like anuloma- viloma and brahmari are like life force energy, soothing the mind. The best four specific asanas, as the yoga experts in Ayurveda Singapore generally mention, comprise vajrasana, bhadrasana, balasana, and shavasana. These are regarded as therapeutic during periods as they provide total relaxation to the body and are so easy to perform as well.
It is time to say goodbye to painkillers. Ayurvedic Singapore strongly emphasize that women should make the menstrual days a period to pause, relax, and honour the body by treating it with love and care.


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