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Today, women are not confined to their homes, but are busy breaking the glass ceilings in the corporate world. That said, she is not abandoning the household responsibilities. The modern woman is taking up more familial responsibilities and working a lot more than previous generations, according to a 2020 McKinsey Report.

More responsibilities add to women’s stress levels, who find it hard-pressed for time to take good care of themselves. However, Ayurveda has some fruitful yet simple suggestions that can make a whole lot of difference to the well-being of your mind and body. 

After a day’s hard work, you need to get away from the accumulated stress. An excellent way to achieve relaxation is abhyanga or self-massage. Depending on the body type, choose oils that are suitable for you. Apply oil in a circular motion and allow it to stay for 20 minutes. Take a bath in lukewarm water and use a natural or Ayurvedic soap.

Meditation is one of the best ways to relax your mind. If you can’t spend a long duration on meditation, even a short meditation can do wonders for your mind. You can include pranayama and prayers into your meditation time for better results.  

Lite and early dinner: 
One of the most common trends among modern women is to postpone dinner time. Often, due to the workload and stress, they choose to take dinner late. In addition to causing indigestion and bloating, it can cause weight gain and metabolic disorders. Have a lite dinner early so that you’re not inviting unnecessary health issues.

Shun stimulations: 
Saying no to caffeinated drinks can help you sleep fast. Also, keep away from mobile phones and other gadgets that stimulate your brain. Starting the winding-up process early helps you sleep fast. Dim the lights in the bedroom as bright lights may hamper your winding up time. Burn incense sticks or aroma candles and create a fresh and cozy ambience.

Make a golden latte:
While a centuries-old practice in India, of late, the world has woken up to the benefits of golden milk or golden latte. Drinking golden milk just before bedtime increases immunity and improves the antioxidants in the body. To make golden milk, boil milk with turmeric. Adding nutmeg powder to the milk is desired, though optional. 

Wash your face:
Just like brushing, washing your face and removing all the dirt and makeup before bedtime is essential for your skin health.

Pamper your feet:  Massaging your feet with oil at night can help you distress. It also helps keep your feet moisturized.  

Hit the bed by 10 pm:

Sleeping daily at the same time has its effects. Going to bed, preferably before or around 10 pm, is ideal. Ayurveda attributes specific times of the day for the doshas to get activated. At 10 pm, it’s considered that the Pitta hours start and to avoid the second wind, it would be better to sleep by 10 pm. Having a set sleep schedule helps your body to get into a healthy circadian rhythm so that you can wake up the next day feeling fresh and rejuvenated. 


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