Ayurvedic Treatment for Eye Disease

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The ancient science of Ayurveda is an integral form of medicine and healthcare which primarily aims at the prevention of diseases and promotes positive well-being. Its holistic approach towards lifestyle and health makes it vital in the modern-day scenario.

Just as our whole body is a combination of all the elements, the parts of the eye are also related to elements. Ayurveda offers numerous safe, effective and simple methods for maintaining ocular health. Ayurvedic Treatment for Eye Disease is viable and can still be easily practiced in our daily lives under the guidance of experts to avoid lifestyle-related eye disorders.

The health of the eyes is critical for an individual’s quality of life. They are the windows to the soul and yet most of us do not pay much regard to their care. The eyes usually get attention only when there is a problem leading to the smart ones seeking Ayurvedic treatment for eye Disease.

Diseases such as diabetes that are aggravated by poor lifestyle choices and habits also adversely impact our eyes. Glaucoma is defined as a Kapha Dosha problem in Ayurveda. It is treated both ways – externally through therapies such as Netra Tharpanam and Takradhara and, with many internal medications.

Netra Tharpanam could be of immense help for anyone suffering from strained, tired, aching, dry, irritated and sore eyes as well. This is also a must for clients who use spectacles and for those who regularly work on computers. Takradhara is also a holistic treatment that helps you maintain healthy vision.


Daily Ayurvedic eye-care routines you can practice at home

Ayurvedic wisdom states that the eyes should be bathed with cool water in the morning while holding water in the mouth at the same time.

A simple Ayurvedic treatment for dry eyes is a drop of pure castor oil in each eye along with the oil applied on the soles of the feet. Cucumber slices retained on eye lids are also an Ayurvedic treatment for eye care and soothe the eyes with their cooling moist effect.


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