Ayurveda Singapore’s approach to dealing with allergies

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Before we understand the approach to dealing with allergies through Ayurveda, we will have to figure out what allergy is all about. Ayush Ayurveda Singapore gives an in-depth insight into allergies and how to manage them as well.

A senior expert from Ayush Ayurvedic Singapore terms allergy as a disorder of the immune system, which is manifested as an adverse reaction to a supposed foreign substance that is not really harmful to the body. These foreign substances might trigger hypersensitivity in some individuals, otherwise known as allergens, which include certain food items, environmental substances, or even certain medications. In addition to that, adverse weather conditions, such as variations in temperature and exposure to certain weather, can also release allergens. When exposed to these factors, these allergens give rise to a reaction in the body and, in turn, release histamine as a response to the allergic reactions. 

The expert at Ayush Ayurveda Singapore says that allergies cause a lot of discomfitures that can interfere with daily life. While allergies are triggered by seasonal changes, certain food items, stress, pollution, and weather vagaries might as well exacerbate allergic reactions in individuals.

An expert from Ayush Ayurvedic Singapore says: Ayurveda believes that an imbalance of the three doshas, Vata, Pitha, and Kapha, can cause allergies. When your doshas are at abnormal levels, the allergic reactions will aggravate, thus, making your body unable to expel the accumulated toxins. This will make the immune system itself weak. If ignored and when this condition persists for a prolonged period, the allergy will become a chronic condition.

Stating that Ayush Ayurvedic Singapore focuses on addressing the root cause of the allergy rather than just addressing the symptom, the expert at Ayush Ayurvedic Singapore goes on to add that this unique approach of Ayurveda is the key to achieving long-term benefits to get relief from ailments. Furthermore, Ayurveda lays emphasis on boosting internal immunity by initiating measures such as maintaining a healthy diet, and adopting an active lifestyle, in addition to the consumption of potent herbs, along with undergoing rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatments.


According to the expert at Ayush Ayurvedic Singapore, there are specific herbs in Ayurveda that have exceptional medicinal value to help manage allergies based on their root cause. Haritaki and Bibhikati have anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, and hence they help boost immunity. The immunomodulatory properties found in these herbs help manage throat infections, in addition to relieving a sore throat, and help address respiratory conditions such as allergic rhinitis, hay fever, and bronchitis. These herbal combinations also manage tonsillitis, common in children, says the expert from Ayush Ayurveda Singapore.

Amalaki or Emblica Officinalis is rich in Vitamin C and also has antioxidants; it has immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory properties. Last but certainly not the least, Tulsi or Ocimum Sanctum will improve digestion and further boosts immunity, adds the expert from Ayush Ayurvedic Singapore.



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