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Mindfulness has become a buzzword these days. It promises everything from better health and better relationships to success in business and sports. However, Ayurveda has long back described mindfulness and its impact on self.

The Charaka Samhita mentions the causes of suffering and the means to prevent suffering. While suffering is due to “mistakes of the intellect, overuse of the senses, and a lack of mindfulness,” it can be prevented by “avoiding intellectual errors, by calming the senses, and by being mindful.” 

With work-life taking a priority, often people eat while working on the computer or talking over the phone. Eating becomes a routine. Ayurveda recommends mindfulness in every activity, including eating. Mindfulness can transform the act of eating into a spiritual experience. Instead of hogging or not eating a proper meal, mindfulness becomes an experience that also has healing powers.

Mindful intent

One way to work on the mindful healing is by setting a mindful purpose, called Sankalpa. Sankalpa helps steady the mind and strengthen it. It helps to focus on one thing and clear our minds of multiple thoughts. With Sankalpa, one can transform the physical experience of eating and any activity from mechanical to spiritual. It applies to eating, too.

When you decide to practice mindful eating, create a Sankalpa for yourself to respect your body. While eating, you can connect to a higher power; in yourself, in the food you consume, in the farmers who grew the food, those who cooked it, and in the actual act of consuming it.

Begin your meal with a note of gratitude

note of gratitude

Several pieces of research indicate that gratitude directly impacts your overall health and wellbeing. Ayurveda has always advocated the importance of gratitude, and in eating or treating, Ayurveda practitioners often recite some mantras, which show appreciation, seek peace and wellbeing for all.

Now, coming to how we can start being aware of the moment, setting a goal is the first step. When you don’t have a daily plan, the mind will wander. The purpose will bring the sense back on track, helping you accomplish the goal. Be it studies, sports, or work, set an objective that will create live awareness and inspire you to live in the present without any distraction. If you do your routines without setting a goal, start the plan today and see the transformation.

Convert your thoughts to sensing

Let your mind listen to the sounds, sensations that assist you to feel the moment without any distraction. Look at your heartbeat for a specific time, feel your breathing, and focus on natural things like the breeze and air to tune your body and mind. This simply means people should feel they live the moment; it may be work, leisure, or anything you do.

Go with the nature

While coming to the meditation, doing it earlier in the day benefits more. Rather than practicing in indoor lights, outdoor exposure can give instant relaxation and a stress-free mind. It aids your body in staying calm and active all the time. Regular practice boosts the mind to remain in the live moment, which helps you benefit in many areas.

Be a keen observer 

When entering into any conversation or looking at the movie characters, your way of observation should be from a third-person perspective. A person thinking like it will be able to find a quick solution. Whether it is an argument or business dealing, put your view from the other side, which will help immensely. 

Being in the moment is not as simple as one imagines! Everyone is engaged with a tight schedule, and the mind gets sick with many thoughts. Often life becomes monotonous, and slowly the zest for life starts diminishing. Living in the present is a super-skill that sets off a person to stay in the moment without letting his mind move away.


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