Management Of Jaundice in the Ayurvedic Singapore Way

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In Ayurveda, jaundice is known as Kamala, which is caused due to Pitta dosha. The symptoms include yellowish discoloration of the eyes, skin, and nails, drowsiness, weakness, lack of appetite, excessive thirst, burning sensation, and low-grade fever. Expert at Ayurveda Singapore explains the management of jaundice in detail.
According to the expert at Ayurvedic Singapore, once diagnosed, the jaundice patient should consume boiled food sans spice. They can also eat dry fruits such as almonds and cardamoms. To eliminate the excess bile pigments in blood from your body, you can have sugar cane or orange juice.

Throwing more light on the subject, the expert at Ayurveda Singapore says the first thing that needs to be done when diagnosed with Kamala is that you should get complete rest. Never expose yourself to heat, do not indulge in sex, and don’t do anything that will aggravate your anger, anxiety, and more. There are a few yoga asanas that can help increase the pace of recovery. The asanas you can consider while convalescing from jaundice include Matsya Asana, Sarvang Asana, and Baddhapadma Asana.

Food Items To Avoid

Talking about dietary controls, the expert from Ayurvedic Singapore says that those who are down with jaundice should avoid any food that increases bile. For instance, junk food and those rich in carbohydrates should be avoided. You can consume boiled water and juices and can try to avoid non-pasteurized milk, coffee, and tea. The expert at Ayurveda Singapore says that one should stay away from alcohol, spicy and fried food, legumes, and pulses.

Home Remedies

The expert at Ayurveda Singapore gives a list of simple and common home remedies in Ayurveda. She says the pulp of aloe vera with black salt and ginger can be taken in the morning for around 10 days. Also, you can consider a mixture of one glass of water and one teaspoon of roasted barley powder with one teaspoon of honey, which you can have twice a day. The third home remedy which is really effective for jaundice is the consumption of crushed ripe bananas, along with honey. Ayurveda Singapore experts say that bhumi amla too is rated useful to strengthen the liver and protect it from disorders. You can either take it as juice or churn the same with water or honey. Bael’s leaf powder in a glass of water is effective for jaundice, while fresh carrot juice can also be had several times a day. You can take roasted alum along with black pepper in buttermilk and consume it at least thrice a day, which is also considered effective for jaundice. Furthermore, the expert at Ayurvedic Singapore adds that a glassful of radish juice with one teaspoon of basil leaf twice a day for around twenty days can be taken. The expert at Ayurvedic Singapore adds, “Take one-fourth cup of mashed bitter juice early morning on a daily basis and drink a glass of warm water adding a pinch of turmeric for three or four times a day, will also accelerate the pace of recovery of jaundice.”


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