Leucorrhoea Management The Ayurvedic Singapore Way

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Leucorrhoea is a condition among females where a greenish, yellowish, or white fluid discharges from vaginas. According to the expert at Ayurveda Singapore, this discharge, possibly a sign of an infection, originates from the vagina, ovaries, cervix, or fallopian tubes. If this condition is a sign of infection, the likely symptoms include greenish or yellowish discharge from the vagina, with odor.

In this case, the expert at Ayurveda Singapore says that the patient experiences itching, irritation in the vaginal area, abdominal pain, or even tissue inflammation. If it is not a sign of infection, leucorrhoea is experienced during menstruation or during pregnancy. In a few rare patients, abnormal leucorrhoea is also reported due to infections caused by bacteria, yeast, or micro-organisms. Leucorrhoea can also be caused due to sexual intercourse with those having viral or bacterial infections such as gonorrhea or chlamydia.

The expert at Ayurveda Singapore says that it is normal for the body to produce a small amount of fluid that comes through the vagina. During the middle of your menstrual cycle or ovulation, the discharge turns out to be thinner and stretchy, like the whites of an egg.

As per the expert at Ayurveda Singapore, leucorrhoea can be physiological and pathological. The physiological aspect is that this condition occurs naturally due to the secretion of the vagina,, mostly during hormonal changes among young girls. This condition is usually seen in women who are sexually aroused or at the time of early stages of pregnancy. It is also a sign of puberty in girls.

The expert at Ayurveda Singapore continues, “The pathological aspect happens due to underlying condition, and the vaginal discharge will be of different colors such as greenish or yellowish. The fluid emanates a foul smell and needs medical attention to prevent the infection from spreading. The associated conditions include cervicitis candida and trichomonas vaginitis, adds the expert at Ayurveda Singapore.

Lower back pain is the key symptom of cervicitis, accompanied by cervical irritation. It can be due to sexually transmitted diseases or an allergy to intrauterine devices used for contraception/ any other type of contraception. Candida or vaginal yeast, which is also called candidiasis, is frequent among diabetic women, in addition to those patients who use antibiotics or contraceptive pills. Also, changes in vaginal pH are associated with the relevant component. This can also be caused by improper hygiene. The expert at Ayurveda Singapore explains, “Trichomonas vaginitis or trichomoniasis is characterized by a frothy yellow discharge with an itchy feeling. The main reasons are due to sexually transmitted diseases and unhygienic conditions. The affected will expereince symptoms for three to twenty-eight days following the infection.”

Explaining the condition in Ayurvedic Parlance, the expert at Ayurvedic Singapore says the terminology used for leucorrhoea is ‘Shweta Pradara.’ This condition is caused due to the imbalance in Kapha dosha, which impairs Rasa Dhatu, or Nutrient Plasma in Allopathic terms present in the vaginal tracts. This leads to a painless whitish discharge from the vagina, says the expert at Ayurveda Singapore. Thanks to the vitiation of Kapha dosha and suppression of urges of vomiting and breathing, Vayu also gets aggravated. Eventually, this will take Kapha to lodge in sites of Apanvarta in the hips, bladder, thighs, and vagina.

Management of the condition

According to the Ayurveda Singapore expert, purification therapies such as nabhivarti, nabhilepan, yonidhavan, to alleviate the condition of leucorrhoea dhupana and pichu are recommended. “What happens is that this targets the vitiated doshas in the vaginal area and helps to clear out the impact of aggravated Kapha dosha. Furthermore, Ayurveda also recommends the intake of medications such as ashokarishta, chandanasava, pushyanuga churna, bola parpati, and more, which would eventually help establish a balance between doshas. The line of treatment for leucorrhoea is completely natural,” says the expert at Ayurveda Singapore.


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