Lead a Healthy Lifestyle and Diet in the Ayurveda Singapore Way

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Ayurveda, an ancient science of life, not only provides therapeutic measures for diseases but also lays stress on maintaining and promoting health and preventing diseases through a strict diet and stringent lifestyle. Ayurvedic Singapore offers a slew of tips to maintain your diet and robust health.

According to a senior expert at the Ayurveda Singapore, the health of an individual can be made out by aspects such as proper nourishment and strength, appetite for the consumption of food, proper digestion of food taken at an appropriate time, timely sleep, refreshed feeling after waking up from sleep in the morning, proper discharge of motion, urine, and flatus on time, proper functioning of mental faculties, intelligence and senses and absence of any pain.

Speaking about the maintenance of health and management of ailments in Ayurvedic Singapore, the expert says that diet and nutrition and personal and social hygiene regimen are described in Ayurveda for the maintenance of health and treatment of diseases. “You need to take care of your dinacharya or daily routine, ritucharya or seasonal regimens, and that includes basic sanitation and healthy living environment,” the expert points out.


Experts at Ayurveda Singapore always emphasize diet. Diet plays a crucial role in our physical and mental well-being. Maintaining a healthy diet can thwart or treat many common health issues. The expert at Ayurveda Singapore gives a few tips for maintaining a proper diet: “Before cooking, thoroughly wash the fruits and vegetables. It is ideal to adopt cooking methods such as boiling, grilling, and steaming. Whole wheat flour sans sieving is ideal for making roti. Also, if you opt for roti, you have a wide range of options, such as bajra, jowar, ragi, macca, or maize, as all of these have rich fiber content. Try to restrict the consumption of white bread, nan, roomaali roti, and other items made out of maida.”

An expert from Ayurvedic Singapore adds, “It is desirable to consume fiber between 50 to 100 grams a day, when whole grain cereals, pulses, and vegetables are eaten daily. Adding locally available seasonal fruits and green leafy vegetables in your diet is desirable.” The expert at Ayurvedic Singapore notes: “Try to consume freshly made food as far as you can as reheating and refrigerating tend to lose nourishment. Eat only when you feel hungry, and never skip mealtimes. Taking meals at regular intervals is ideal. While eating, consume food with moderate speed as eating too fast or too slow. When you hurriedly eat food, you will have issues with the digestion of food. When you eat fast, you tend to eat more and will not feel fulfilled.”

The expert from Ayurvedic Singapore advises not to drink too much water or too little. Ayurveda Singapore believes that both will impact digestion. Also, she advises you to drink lukewarm water that will eventually help smooth the passage of motion and urine and enhance the digestive power. Avoiding fried food items and restricting the consumption of ghee, oils, etc., will also be helpful. Consumption of aerated drinks and junk food is a strict no. At the same time, you can increase the consumption of milk, buttermilk, lassi, and coconut water.


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