Ayurvedic Singapore Talks About Herbs To Improve Immunity In Polycythemia

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Polycythemia Vera in modern medicine is termed leukemia or blood cancer. According to an expert from Ayurvedic Singapore, the bone marrow produces an excessive number of red blood cells, thus causing the blood to become very thick, resulting in clots, which in turn causes a stroke or heart attack. Vera is considered a primary Polycythemia, where there is also secondary Polycythemia. An Ayurvedic Singapore expert says that secondary Polycythemia symptoms include appropriate hypoxia, lung disease, high altitude, cyanotic heart disease, and carbon monoxide poisoning, in addition to inappropriate EPO-secreting tumors.


According to the expert at Ayurvedic Singapore, the symptoms include headache, shortness of breath, double vision, sweating (especially during the night time), dizziness, loss of weight, pain, and swelling in the joint, especially in the big toe. The expert at Ayurvedic Singapore adds that there would be itchiness, especially following a warm bath or shower, bleeding or bruising (minor). Fatigue is a feeling of numbness, tingling, burning, or weakness in the hands, feet, arms, and legs, and bloating in the upper abdomen due to an enlarged spleen.

Herbal Remedies

Ayurveda always tries to understand the root cause of a disease condition and to begin treatment. According to the Ayurvedic Singapore expert, therapy addresses the doshic variations by strengthening the body tissues or dhatus. As Ayurveda believes in dosha vriddhi and datubala haani, treating the root cause of the infection is of paramount importance in this branch of science. The expert at Ayurvedic Singapore says, “In short, imbalanced tridosha (three doshas) such as Vata, Pitta and Kapha accounts for polycythemia vera with a predominance of Pitta dosha. Blood production and color are contributed by rakta dhatu.” Many herbal medicines are available in the market, such as navkarshik churna, pitta balance capsule, curcumin capsule, neem capsule, and kanchnaar guggul.

Navkarshik Churna

This is considered adequate in terms of purifying the blood. According to the expert at Ayurvedic Singapore, this churna helps correct the protein metabolism and further cleanses the blood. It is also effective for pain management in arthritic conditions. Navkarshik means the drug has nine ingredients: Amalaki, haritaki, vibhikati, neem, Vacha, manjishta, katuki, guduci, and daruharidra.

Pitta Balance Capsule

This helps to balance the aggravated Pitta. The capsule is a rich source of calcium and helps in bodybuilding, thereby boosting the immune system. According to the expert at Ayurvedic Singapore, strengthened immunity means the effective production of healthy platelets. Pitta is directly related to blood, and blood production will become perfect when Pitta is in balance.

Kanchnaar Guggul Tablets

Kanchnaar guggul capsule is a potent anti-inflammatory herbal formulation enriched with numerous antioxidants and possesses anti-microbial activity. It is also an excellent anti-mutagenic and is considered to have a pacifying action on all three aggravated doshas. According to the expert at Ayurvedic Singapore, the ingredients include bark of kanchnaar (Bauhinia variegata), Amalaki, haritaki, bibhitaki, ginger, black pepper, pippali and Varuna.

Curcumin Capsules

This is nothing but the extract from turmeric, which is a potent anti-inflammatory drug. According to the Ayurvedic Singapore expert, they help boost the immune system and further modulate it. Curcumin capsules are indicated to enhance blood circulation in the body. It is also a potent antioxidant and popular for its anti-bacterial action. It helps to relieve pain and inflammation.

Neem Capsules

According to the expert at Ayurvedic Singapore, these capsules are made out of standardized neem extract. It improves skin and hair health. Neem is effective in all skin ailments, including acne, eczema, psoriasis, and microbial infections. A potent anti-inflammatory drug, it helps to balance the pitta dosha and is thus an excellent blood purifier. The expert at Ayurvedic Singapore concludes by saying that the herbs mentioned above are intended to improve immunity and don’t offer a cure or treatments for blood cancer.


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