Ayurveda Singapore Offers Treatment For Tonsillitis

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Tonsils, part of our system, work as the initial line of defence against any infection or disease. An expert from Ayurvedic Singapore says that tonsils are lymph nodes at the back of the neck and produce white blood cells to fight any health threats foraying into our system. Once these nodes get affected by some contamination by microbial activity, the condition is known as Tonsillitis.

As per the expert at Ayurveda Singapore, Tonsillitis is common among children and youth. The condition results in inflammation, fever, and pain. Though Allopathic or modern medicine recommends surgery to cure this health issue, Ayurveda believes in working on the root cause of this disease and giving appropriate treatment.


According to the expert at Ayurvedic Singapore, there are a slew of symptoms if a patient suffers from Tonsillitis. The most common symptoms of Tonsillitis are swelling and redness in the tonsils, sore throat, and yellow or white patches on the tonsils. There will also be stiffness in the neck, pain while swallowing, headache, fever, tender and enlarged glands, bad breath, throaty, muffled, scratchy voice, and stomach aches.


The expert at Ayurveda Singapore says that Tonsillitis is caused by seasonal or everyday viral activity. In a few rare cases, Tonsillitis is also caused b bacterial activity, as streptococcus pyogenes is the most regular bacterial cause.

Ayurveda Treatment

According to the expert at Ayurvedic Singapore, diagnosis or close investigation of the exact causes of Tonsillitis is more critical. The Ayurvedic scriptures term this disease as Gallayu – a condition caused by poor processing and over-accumulation of toxins in the patient’s body. Changing diet and eating patterns, along with some Panchakarma therapies, is the initial treatment offered by Ayurveda.

Key Steps in Ayurvedic Treatment of Tonsillitis

The major steps associated with the Ayurvedic treatment of Tonsillitis, according to the expert at Ayurveda Singapore, include management of local swelling, pain, and redness; treatment of fever and inflammation caused by the infection. Diet restrictions and lifestyle adjustments to avoid any further damage to tonsils and also to restore a natural, healthy state of tonsils; last but not least is the surgery for those undergoing multiple episodes of Tonsillitis, which makes the patient’s life miserable with a slew of complications including breathing issues, swallowing difficulties, along with the accumulation of pus in the tonsils.

As per the expert at Ayurveda Singapore, the treatment given to patients with Tonsillitis is the application of Sphatika (purified powder) over the affected tonsillitis area. Sphatika powder is also consumed internally. All you have to do is to consume one gram of this powder laced in lukewarm water. Agastya Rasayana is another herbal preparation recommended for those with severe Tonsillitis. One should take the dosage should be taken twice daily. Mix one teaspoon of this preparation with honey, khadiradi, vacha, yashti madhu, and kulanjana. Along with Panchakarma therapies, it gives a lot of benefits in treating Tonsillitis.

Diet Plan

Patients suffering from Tonsillitis must take proper care of personal hygiene, like washing their hands regularly and thoroughly to avoid any more microbes from getting into their mouths. In addition, you should also avoid sharing food, water, and sharing vessels or utensils with others. Also, spicy food, acidic food, and cool food substances are a strict no-no, says the expert at Ayurvedic Singapore. For that matter, one should avoid even sour substances such as buttermilk, curds, and ice creams. For a few days, patients with Tonsillitis should take only a liquid diet to make swallowing easy. Smokers must abstain from that habit, at least while treating this disease. Also, proper rest to the throat and less conversation help you to speed up the cure.


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