Beginner won $20,000 per night

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Some of them, if lucky, so full! And you don’t have to study for a long time, invent strategies or choose “happy” days for the game. this confirms the following story.

A U.S. citizen could get rich in just one night. Before that, the lucky man practically did not play on the machines.

Has broken all records.

Beginning player Charlie M. from the U.S. spent only one night at the casino and became rich. He chose online casino Miami Club Casino, registered his account and started playing. Right away, the guy started his luck.

The player chose for a long time from the slots presented on the casino website, but finally stopped at the Black Magic machine. It was he who became his apron companion. Charlie put 4 dollars, but was able to raise the rate to 20 000! This is not just a record. According to the casino manager, this guy was able to break all records.

To get rich without stopping

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It would seem that this amount is enough to stop the game. But this is not about our lucky hero. The guy decided to continue playing the game on the machine “one-armed bandit”, and won 48,000 dollars.

Then he chose Jester’s Wild automatic machine, the election of 60,000 dollars. As a result, his total winnings were 128 000 dollars. And this is only for the night of the game.

Of course, the moderators of the club reacted to this lucky new visitor. They checked the games played several times, but found no fraud. Charlie played by the rules without using strategies. Therefore, the administration had nothing left to do but pay the player money.



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