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Get introduced to a holistic and natural means to attaining good health and emotional well-being – Ayurveda at Ayush. In the 5000 plus year old system of medicine that Ayurveda is, cure for almost every ailment the human body can be affected by have been covered in detail. The gauge of how effective Ayurveda as a system of medicine is, is proven by the fact that it has not just survived through the ages but has been overwhelmingly accepted, followed, learnt and sought-after worldwide. Ayurveda has proudly and rightfully managed to hold its spot as a complete healing science in spite of the prevalence of other treatment methodologies that exist such as allopathy, Unani and Siddha.

Ayurveda is applied to treat and manage various ailments, while simultaneously releasing stress from the body, to achieve the right balance from within. Ayush harnesses this knowledge of Ayurveda in a way that is uniquely applicable to each person seeking its healing potential. Ayush delivers with utmost attention and precision, therapies as prescribed by the ancient texts, leading to complete well-being. With highly qualified ayurvedic consultants and extremely skilled staff, we invite you to experience Ayurveda and its life- changing benefits at Ayush. The services one can avail of at Ayush include consultation, therapies, massages and the dispensation of Ayurvedic medications in a timely and affordable manner.

Come home to a natural, safe and effective approach to health care at Ayush. Ayush operates through its five branches, each headed by experts in the field, giving our clients across Singapore and Malaysia, a better quality of life.


Our Therapies



One of the most common Ayurvedic therapy, Also known as the Special Herbal Massage, Abhyangam is one of the most common Ayurvedic therapy. The client is seated on the Droni (Ayurvedic therapy bed).

Ayurvedic Massage Singapore


A therapy to induce better circulation within the affected area. Herbal poultices are prepared with various herbs and medicated powders. These poultices are warmed in medicated oils and used to massage the entire body, neck etc,..

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Herbal Steam Bath

A special treatment in which leaves of medicinal plants are simmered and the body is exposed to the resulting steam. Good for flushing out impurities from the body, reducing obesity as well as excess fat and in the treatment of skin diseases.


Kativasthi relieves chronic and acute backaches. Luke warm medicated Ayurvedic oil is administered to the lower back region by making a herbal paste boundary.

Ayurvedic Spa Singapore


A nasal cleansing treatment which stimulates the nerves and brain functions. The client is massaged from the shoulder upwards causing him to perspire. The medicine is measured in exact dose and poured into the nostrils.

Ayurveda Hospitals in Singapore


Excellent form of treatment for inducing luster to the skin and cures various ailments. The body is massaged with small linen poultices filled with Navara rice, which is cooked in cow’s milk and a specific herbal mixture

Ayurveda Therapy


Relieves many types of joint and muscular pain. Small linen bags filled with medicated powder made from roots of 12 herbal plants are heated and applied all over the body to induce sweating.

Ayurvedic Massage Singapore


A special massage therapy for stress and strain. The client lies on a droni therapy bed in a comfortable position and is covered with a liberal application of medicated oil (herbal concoction of milk or other substances) on the head and body.

Ayurveda Therapies in singapore


Relieves mental tension and headaches. Medicated, ayurvedic oils are applied on the top of the head and allowed to remain for 20 minutes. This treatment soothes the ear, nose and throat passages as well as combats mental tension and headaches.


Ayurveda Therapies in singaporeMr P D Nadarajan

I have degeneration of the cartilage in my knees. After completing my first course of therapy, I felt better. I am going through my 2nd course of therapy currently. I realised and I have faith that Ayurveda will help but takes time.


AyurvedaMr Bernard Tan

I used to be very tired all the time. Especially when getting up from bed in the morning. After 3 months of taking medication and therapy from Ayush, I can feel very fresh most times. I get up in the morning feeling very refreshed. It made a good difference, especially for my work and family.


Ayurveda Therapies in singaporeMr Alvin Ng

2 years ago, my right finger joints had become swollen and painful. I couldn’t clench my hand or even hold a coffee cup because of the pain. I went to see a medical specialist and he said I had to go for an MRI because it might be rheumatism or arthritis or some other joint ailment. At the very worst, the specialist said I might have to go for exploratory surgery on my fingers to see what was wrong. In the event it was arthritis or rheumatism, I would have to live with the pain because there is no cure for it. I refused to accept this specialist’s opinion. Instead, I went to Ayush Ayurvedic for a second opinion and ayurvedic consultant Ajith was very confident that my condition could be cured but it would take a few months. So I took the medicine ayurvedic consultant Ajith prescribed and also signed up for the ayurvedic oil therapy. And now today I here sipping my cuppa daily at my favourite coffee place. As ayurvedic consultant Ajith rightly said, it definitely took some time, but Ayurveda works slow and steady. I have no swelling or pain now.

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