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Ayurveda is a way of life for total positive health and well-being. Ayush Yishun emphasises on positive health to meet the goals of life. Ayurveda is also a science of protection.

Now, taking care of your health in the most natural way is made possible at the Ayush Ayurveda Yishun. At Ayush Ayurveda Yishun, the qualified and experienced Ayurveda physicians and staff take good care of the people’s well-being and positive health.

The beginning of Ayurveda goes back to the Vedic era. Rig and Atharva veda are considered to contain valuable information on diseases, and natural way of treatment.

World over Ayurveda has been gaining popularity due to its underlying principles of wellness. More and more people are turning to Ayurveda for achieving their health goals in a holistic way.  Ayush Ayurveda Yishun follows the age-old system of medicine and practices it based on the texts by Acharyas. The Ayush Ayurveda Yishun provides effective treatments for many illnesses and disorders.

Ayush Yishun highlights the importance of detox and full body massage is an important part of their treatment plan. Body massage in Yishun  is all about relieving the stress and relaxing the body. Their Yishun  massage centre offers particular massages to treat specific issues and all their massages are based on the principles of Kerala Ayruveda.

Ayurveda Yishun  addresses the complete well-being of the person. Their expert ayurvedic consultants and trained staff, provide the best Indian Ayurveda at  Ayush Ayurvedic Yishun. The full body massage Yishun is renowned for the health benefits it offers.

Ayush Ayurveda Yishun offers treatments to suit individual body type.

Ayurvedic Neck Pain treatment Yishun takes care of recurrent neck and shoulder pain. Similarly Ayurvedic Cervical Pain treatment YIshun and Ayurvedic Lower Back Pain treatment Yishun provide pain and stress relief. Their Ayurvedic Knee Pain treatment Yishun addresses the chronic knee pain in patients irrespective of age and gender occurs due to various reasons.   Ayush Ayurvedic Yishun also provides  Ayurvedic Frozen Shoulder treatment.

Headache, migrane and sinusitis impair the normal functioning of people’s life and work. Ayush Ayurvedic Yishun has exclusive Ayurvedic Migrane treatment Yishun, Ayurvedic Headache treatment Yishun, and  Ayurvedic Sinusitis treatment Yishun.

Kerala Ayurveda Centre Yishun is popular for their Ayurvedic Hairfall treatment, and Ayurvedic Post Delivery Massage treatment.

Ayush Ayurvedic Yishun uses the science of Ayurveda to go with each person’s body type and they have tailor-made treatments. Ayush Ayurveda Center Yishun is known for their precise and focussed care for patients. Ayush Ayurveda Center review Yishun will give you a glimpse of the best practices followed by Indian Ayurveda Center Yishun.

From full body massage, lower back massage, neck and shoulder massage, foot massage, and post-delivery massage are offered at Ayush Ayurvedic Yishun.

Their Ayush Ayurvedic Neck Pain treatment Yishun includes oils, massage, and medication, as prescribed by the Indian Ayurveda principles.

Ayush Ayurvedic Yishun operates with four branches across Singapore.

The Ayush Ayurvedic Singapore  Yishun is managed by an expert in Ayurveda and people can visit them for traditional Kerala, Indian Ayurvedic treatments and massage.

Our Therapies



This is a Special Herbal Massage for the body. For Abhyangam, the staff will make the person sit on an Ayurvedic therapy bed and apply medicated oils or herbal powders. Ayush Ayurveda CenterYishun offers Abhyangam, the full body massage by competent staff.

Ayurvedic Massage Singapore


This is a body massage done with herbal poultices. It improves blood circulation. Ayush Ayurveda Center Yishun  readies herbal poultices with various herbs. They warm the poultices in medicated oils and massage it onthe full body, neck and foot. The Ayurvedic Neck Pain treatment Yishun utilizes Elakizhi.

Kerala Ayurveda Tampines

Herbal Steam Bath

Ayush Ayurveda Center Yishun provides this exclusive treatment. The body is exposed to the vapours from the boiled leaves of medicinal plants. This spa type unique therapy works well to eliminate impurities from the body, get rid of obesity and additional fat. It is also prescribed for the management of skin diseases. This procedure is also used in the Ayurvedic Post Delivery Massage treatment Yishun.


Ayurvedic Lower Back Pain treatment Yishun includes Kativasthi. It reduces chronic and acute Lower Back Pain. Warm, medicated Ayurvedic oil, and is poured at the lower back using an herbal paste boundary. The Kativasti therapy is offered at the  Ayush Ayurveda Center Singapore  Yishun.

Ayurvedic Spa Singapore


Ayush Ayurveda Center Yishun provides the nasal cleaning procedure called nasyam. It can  fuel the functions of the nerves and brain. The patient is given a massage from the shoulder upwards. The exact dose of medication is administered into the nostrils. It is used in  Ayurvedic Sinusitis treatment , Headache treatment Yishun and Migrane treatment.

Ayurveda Hospitals in Singapore


It is a full body massage useful in treating many conditions and is offered in Ayush Ayurveda Center Yishun. Navara rice, cooked in cow’s milk and herbal mixture is made into small poultices and applied. It is advised for Ayurvedic Frozen Shoulder treatment Yishun and Ayurvedic Neck Pain treatment Yishun.

Ayurveda Therapy


This massage is good to treat joint and muscle pain. Besides body massage, foot massage is done in Ayush Ayurveda Center Yishun. Medicated powder is prepared from 12 herbal plants and it is put in small linen bags. The tiny bags are heated and applied to the body to induce perspiration. Ayurvedic Knee Pain treatment Yishun includes Podikizhi.

Ayurvedic Massage Singapore


This special massage is done to take care of stress and strain. The client is made to relax on a  therapy bed and medicated oil (herbal concoction of milk) is smeared on the head and body. This therapy is done at the Ayush Ayurveda Center Yishun by qualified and well-trained staff.  It is used in Ayurvedic Migrane treatment,  Ayurvedic Head ache treatment and  Ayush Ayurvedic Hair Fall treatment.

Ayurveda Therapies in singapore


Is a therapy for giving relief from mental tension and headache. Medicated, ayurvedic oils are poured on the top of the head and kept for 20 minutes. This treatment is provided at  Ayush Ayurveda Center Yishun . It calms the ear, nose and throat passages. Ayush Ayurvedic Migrane treatment Yishun and Ayurvedic Headache treatment Yishun provide these therapies.


Ayurveda Therapies in singaporeMr P D Nadarajan

I have degeneration of the cartilage in my knees. After completing my first course of therapy, I felt better. I am going through my 2nd course of therapy currently. I realised and I have faith that Ayurveda will help but takes time.


AyurvedaMr Bernard Tan

I used to be very tired all the time. Especially when getting up from bed in the morning. After 3 months of taking medication and therapy from Ayush, I can feel very fresh most times. I get up in the morning feeling very refreshed. It made a good difference, especially for my work and family.


Ayurveda Therapies in singaporeMr Alvin Ng

2 years ago, my right finger joints had become swollen and painful. I couldn’t clench my hand or even hold a coffee cup because of the pain. I went to see a medical specialist and he said I had to go for an MRI because it might be rheumatism or arthritis or some other joint ailment. At the very worst, the specialist said I might have to go for exploratory surgery on my fingers to see what was wrong. In the event it was arthritis or rheumatism, I would have to live with the pain because there is no cure for it. I refused to accept this specialist’s opinion. Instead, I went to Ayush Ayurvedic for a second opinion and ayurvedic consultant Ajith was very confident that my condition could be cured but it would take a few months. So I took the medicine ayurvedic consultant Ajith prescribed and also signed up for the ayurvedic oil therapy. And now today I here sipping my cuppa daily at my favourite coffee place. As ayurvedic consultant Ajith rightly said, it definitely took some time, but Ayurveda works slow and steady. I have no swelling or pain now.

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